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Beatstar mod apk 2022 Introduction

Beatstar mod apk always perfect 2022 or beater or you can say beat stars is a fast-paced tap game giving you an experience of actually playing the music of any song you love. Beat stars always perfect tap is something you would love until you miss or tap too early then you will get the good tap. Beatstar supercell is a tap game. One of the best touch music games out there. As you know touch music game like piano tiles is a genre where you get to tap on floating tiles to play the music. The more accurate music tiles you tap the more points you get at the end of the game. Just like Piano Tiles touch music game Beatstar supercell is an amazing game to play and kill some time. Stay tuned to our blog post and get the best review of mod apk games and apps on Infinite Mod Apk.


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Additional Information Beatstar Touch your music

App NameBeatstar Mod Apk
PublisherInfinite Mod Apk
Latest Version
DeveloperSpace Ape
Mod Info Always Perfect
RequirementsAndroid 6.0+
Size147 MB
Mod Apk FileBeatstar Mod Apk
Google Play Store ApkBeatstar Touch Your Music


Mod Features

Always Perfect Tap






beatstar hack always perfect mod menu


Story of Ultimate Beatstar Touch your Music Mod apk

To touch your music you have to have beatstar mod apk mod menu always perfect tap in your android devices such as Android cell phones or tablets. The game is developed by a joint venture of the two well-known game developers known as Space Ape and Supercell Games. The game is credited to Space Ape so you can find more detail at their website. You might also find the Beatstar mod menu apk on Supercell social media and other places as well. Space Ape has been operating since 2012 and has four titles so far on their portfolio recently they will be releasing two more titles as well. The names of the remaining three games are as follows, Boom beach: Frontlines mod apk, Fastlane: Road to revenge mod apk, Transformers: Earth Wars mod apk, Rival Kingdoms, and Samurai Siege mod apk.

Rest of the details you can check on their official website. The beatstar mod menu is getting loads of attention from gamers around the globe. Though there are many other famous tap games in the music genre beater has made its mark. Beat Stars has more than ten million downloads on Google Play Store Apk already and with more than six hundred thousand reviews. So you can say it is among one of the top 5%. There is one confusion is beatstar supercell game? Yes and No. It’s a joint venture of both Space Ape and Supercell.




Unique and interesting features of Beatstar mod apk

Play Beatstar Touch your music mod apk Online and Offline

Beater or Beat Stars mod apk can be played both online and offline. If you want to enjoy the game without any human competition you can play it offline and enjoy the beats only. Without worrying about the score, you can enjoy the songs. But if you like challenges and want to show the world that you are capable of topping on the leaderboards then you can play online as well. Make the mark by beating the beaters always perfect the best scores in the world and climbing the ladder of the leaderboards. All it takes is fast tapping, sheer focus and will like Jhon Wick, and loads of practice. I guess you can then make your way up to the top spot in Beatstar mod apk always perfect.

Addictive Gameplay for Beatstar mod apk mod menu always perfect

Fair warning the gameplay of beatsar mod apk always perfect is addictive. You will be spending hours and hours without even breaking a sweat. Unless you live in a place where load shedding is a thing. 😀 Well, the gameplay is quite very simple all you have to do is tap the floating tiles which are descending on your mobile screen. Each tile you tap gives you either a perfect tap, good tap, or miss. The ultimate goal of the game is to get the highest score. How to get a perfect tap in Beatstar? Well, you have to practice moreover with our mod you can always get a perfect tap but keep in mind if you tap after the designated area, you will not get a perfect tap or if you miss the tap there won’t be any perfect tap.

Moreover, to make a high score you will be needing the most perfect taps in beat stars mod apk music game. I played this game and tested the mod myself, as usual, I did get good taps as well. So, you need to time your taps perfectly so that you can get all the perfect taps. As I mentioned there is a specific area where you need a top tap, when the tile is inside that rectangular area you can tap the tile and it will be a perfect tap.

If the tile is more than eighty percent out of the area it will be a good tap so try to get at least fifty percent of the tile inside the tap area. Moreover, if you miss some tiles do not worry most of the time the missed tile will rewind back and you can tap it again and get the perfect tap.


beatstar hack always perfect mod menu


Sensitivity of Controls of Beatstar hack always perfect tap 2022

When you are playing a tap game, hmm I think every game on a cell phone is a tap game what do you think, you need to have fast sensitivity controls so that as soon as your thumb touches the surface of the screen it is tapped. You can obviously adjust the sensitivity of controls from the setting in the menu of the game. Though with our mod the sensitivity of the game is not much of a problem now, you can adjust it as per your liking. If you are a fast tapper, you may leave the sensitivity of controls as they are. But if you think you need to adjust a bit more you can always adjust as per your liking. Beatstar hack always perfect tap gives you the best gameplay without much to worry about the sensitivity of controls.

Amazing songs you love to listen to in Beatstar Mod menu apk

The song library of Beatstar mod apk mod menu touches your music is vast. It has over two hundred plus songs in the game. Not just that you can find songs latest and oldest songs in the beat stars. The library is to cater to the need of every possible player Beatstar has.  You can find hundreds of artists in the game. To name a few PSY Gangnam Style, Ellie Goulding, Lady Gaga, Train, Back Street Boys, Arvil Lavigne, Papa Roach, Billie Eilish, Nirvana, The Pussy Cat Dolls, Black Eyed Peas, Pink, Cold Play, Sai, Jessie Jay, Bon Jovi, Jason Marz, Craig David, Blink 182, Goldfrapp, Nicki Minaj, Sam Smith, Pharrell Williams, Avicii, Wiz Khalifah, Mia Kahlifa :D, Kelly Clarkson, Demi Lovato, Nero, Sublime, Doja Cat, Ariana Grande, Kelis, Amy Winehouse, and many more.

These are some of the names of the artists you can listen to in the beat stars mod apk. There is many more artist which I did not write as the list is quite long. Every song has its own level of difficulty from normal to extreme. Mostly you will see the rock songs are the ones with extreme difficulty.



No Ads in Beaters a.k.a Beat Stars Music game always perfect

I have been writing for this blog for months now and I know that the most loving thing is a game without any boring ads in it. Well for this thing I bring you Beatstar mod apk always perfect, the Beatstar without ads. There are no ads in this game so you can enjoy your favorite game the beatstar without ads. Rest Assured if you keep using our website you will find apps and games for your android devices without any ads in them. Cause here at Infinite mod apk, we love our readers and want to provide the best services to our games and users.

Visuals and Sounds

Graphics of the Beatstar Mod Menu Touch your music game

Let’s talk about the Beaters, Beat Stars, or you can say Beatstar mod apk games graphics. Though there is not much to discuss here like I usually do in the graphics section of infinite mod apk blog posts. But there is a little element of graphics in the game, as its genre is music you get to see only the background and the tiles floating. There is no customization, I think it could give the game edge over other music games. You might be wondering what possible customization can they offer, well my dear blog post readers, there are tons of customization options I can tell you.

To start off they could give the option to make the tiles’ colors change, even they can allow players to change tiles also shape and colors. Background change is another option for customization. Moreover, Space Ape can also give the option of a live beat visualizer instead of the static background while playing the game. I am just a passionate gamer like you guys are who loves to play games and want customization in every game. 😊

Sound and Music game

Moving on to the sound and music game, the music is no doubt great in the game, the quality is amazing you get to enjoy the beats and rhythm. Moreover, the music library as we discussed above provides the users of the game to enjoy the music while playing. With over two hundred songs to play and listen the Beat stars is providing great gameplay.  One thing I forgot to mention in the gameplay is that you need to play songs in order to unlock new songs. Some songs can’t be unlocked but you need to buy them. So yes, there is that you should consider.

Moral of the game

Like many other games, this game is totally skill-dependent. The skill of tapping really fast. Initially, you will find the songs are easy but gradually you will get difficult songs as well. The more you play the game the more you get used to tapping and getting more perfect hits. That’s the moral of the game. It can potentially help you with tapping and eye coordination.


beat star mod menu touch your music




To conclude this blog post I would provide you with our final verdict on Beatstar mod apk always perfect. The game provides its users amazing rushed experience as the song difficulty is increased. Beatstar without ads provides a used seamless gaming experience. Moreover, the graphics are good and the music is great. The music library is vast and with songs from the latest to old. The genre of music you can find in the game is mixed from Hip-Hop to Rock, Pop, and more. The game is a great addition to your android devices. Stay tuned and look forward to our new blog posts.

If you like to play Google Play Store Apk <—- Click.

Regular updates

Regular updates for the latest android version

For Android users, frequent updates are present on that will provide your devices with all the latest android versions of Beatstar.


How to install Beatstar mod apk always perfect?

Here are simple steps to follow

  1. Download mod apk game file from link provided above
  2. Once your download is completed copy the downloaded mod file and paste it into your android phone.
  3. If you are downloading directly from the android phone, you may skip this and proceed to the next one.
  4. Now go to the file manager of your phone and install the mod apk game.
  5. While installing it may ask you to check the “Unknown source” in security settings to proceed.

Now enjoy the game with Always Perfect tap.

Beatstar is a registered trademark of Space Ape. 

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