Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk v3.7.1 September 2022

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Bus Simulator Indonesia mod apk

Bussid, Bus Simulator Indonesia mod apk  v3.7.1 2022 is one game that reminded me of Test Drive. Even though I have played simulators for cars, trains, and airplanes I never played a bus simulator game in my life. Ah, the perks of writing content for games. You get to write on stuff you never even tried before in your life. And the best part is you get to enjoy games without being even bothered by your gal 😉 Test Drive was one of my favorite games back then after Grid. Simulator games are a bit painful also like I am not very fond of putting gas in my car in games. Heck, if buying petrol in real life was not enough. Huh. 😀 Well let’s begin with this epic coach bus simulator free bus game online we chose for you today.


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Additinal Information BUSSID

App NameBus Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk
PublisherInfinite Mod Apk
Current Version3.7.1
Mod InfoNo Ads, Unlimited Money, Fuel
RequirementsAndroid 4.2+
Size323 MB
Mod Apk File LinkBus Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk
Google PlaystoreBus Simulator Indonesia


Mod Features

  • No Ads
  • Unlimited Money
  • Limitless Fuel





Game Story

Well, to begin with, this coach bus simulator free was developed by Maleo. Maleo game developer has two apps on its tab as of this day. One is the Bus Simulator Indonesia hack and the other is Bus Telolet Marker. That being said, the Bus simulator Indonesia mod apk is one that was downloaded more than 50 million on the android google play store. Moreover, it has over 2.2 million reviews as well, which is something Maleo is surely proud of. Bus simulator Indonesia belongs to the bus games simulator genre. It provides an epic journey through Indonesia’s sights and roads so that you as a bus driver can transport passengers from one city to another. We will discuss more details about the fuel and gameplay later in the section below. Stay tuned for the best bus simulator game out there.


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Game Features of Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk

Bus Simulator Game played online

Honestly speaking, I never thought I would ever play such a game. Moreover, I was shocked, and surprised, I do not have words to explain, perhaps jaw-dropping would be a better choice for explaining it. This shock was due to the online gameplay of coach bus simulator-free games. I honestly never thought of this, you will be racing with other bus drivers online. Yes, many of you would be shocked, I know. Probably this was one of the reasons Bus simulator Indonesia got huge success among other bus simulator games. You will join a lobby or room created by a master, who has the option to kick you as well. Once you join any room you will get ready and all the members would be standing at the bus stop. The room I joined had a time limit of almost 105 minutes that we had to drive. :O

Addictive Gameplay of Coach Bus Simulator Indonesia version 3.7.1

The gameplay of Coach bus simulator Indonesia mod apk. It can be addictive if you are into simulators, let alone bus simulators. I played a few games and it was fun. The response of the steering was good enough. I think there should have been damage also but I could not find that. It should be a part of the game to make it even more competitive. Well, moving on, the scenery of different cities and country looks nice. I would not say it was really great but it was not bad either, more on that in our graphics and music section down below. Moreover, the bus simulator hack bus aesthetics looked really nice. You can choose to start your journey in the morning or at night and according to that, your lights will turn on and off. You can also turn it off and on manually.

Moving on, the thing I liked most was the horn of the bus 😀 well, that would be an understatement considering it had three horns placed you can switch horn sounds. That part I really liked. At first, I could not figure out how it works, but then I realized it’s a simulator obviously it would be on steering. So, I could not resist not taping the horn. 😀 One thing I did not like, I do not know if it was due to my device or not, many times my steering won’t rotate. I changed from steering to arrows, more comfortable with that. There is no damage, I could not see any even if there was some. You will be doing jobs transporting passengers from one city to another and as a reward you get money. The gameplay of Bus Simulator is great and worth playing at least once.


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There are so many options in the bus simulator Indonesia mod apk version 3.7.1 I was overwhelmed. You can customize the bus, more on this later in our customization section below. Moreover, you can hire new drivers once you have more buses. There were only 4 driver options I could see in this bus simulator free to play. Perhaps I needed more buses to open new drivers or maybe there were only 4. Well, you can check this feature of the game by digging into it and playing some games. Moving on, drivers are quite expensive.

HUD of Coach Bus Simulator

Well, the HUD of buses was crazy in this bus simulator-free Indonesia mod apk. So many different options that you can play around with these options for quite some time. On the top right corner, you will have your GPS, you know what GPS is right? Below that there are three icons. The first one is the seat belt icon, this is like an announcement that passengers need to wear seat belts. The second one says ON, this turns the bus engine on and off. Moving on to the further right, you can see the camera button. The camera button allows you to toggle between four different camera perspectives. The first one is the 3rd view of the bus, the second one is in the bus cabin, the third is the left side of the bus camera view and lastly, it is something I did not like much.

In the second row, you will find three more options. The first one is the e-brake, the second one is for the wipers and the third one is to toggle the camera view. Beneath that are two more icons you can dig into. The further downside there are D & R signs which means drive and reverse. Under these two alphabets are the paddles for acceleration and brakes. On the left-hand side, you can see tow truck icons and strobe icons. Then in the second row, you can see the lights icon. In addition to the previous triangle icon which means double indicator meaning blinking parking lights. Lastly, you can see three horns icons. Love those horns sounds, kind of funny. Moreover, on the right side bottom corner are indicator buttons and steering if you chose that. Or you might have arrows like in the picture below.

Buses in Bussid, Bus Simulator mod apk

There are quite a lot of buses in BUSSID, bus simulator Indonesia. Real-life buses look really great. Not just that you can also download new buses from third-party websites. You can find a wide range of great-looking buses. From a single-deck bus to a double-decker. Some of the famous models in the game are Hino RK 8 R260, Scania k 360 b, Scania K 360 IB, Scania K 410 IB, and more. You can find all these in your garage and customize these beauties as per your liking, more on customization in detail BUSSID, coach bus simulator free games later.


There is a lot of customization in BUSSID, Bus Simulator Indonesia. Once you start to customize your bus you will white circles on the bus. This circle represents where you can add stuff. Moreover, these circles will change as you change the side of the bus. That being said, we will start from the front, windscreen, and front bumper. You can add steel frames like most buses usually have in real life on the bumpers of the bus, front and back. At the side of the bus, you can add small lights, indicators, and stuff. In addition to that the side of the bus you have the option of lights on the rooftop that works as an indicator. Moreover, you can add such lights underneath the bus as well for decorative purposes.

On the roof you can also choose to add a luggage rack for your bus, it has many options for the empty racks and only one rack with full luggage which is covered with a blue sheet. At the front top of both corners, you can add different types of horns as well. Some have a single horn and others have more, whichever you like.


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Skins in Bus Simulator Indonesia mod apk

Like many games bus simulators, the Indonesia mod apk allows you to add skins for the bus you love to drive. This coach bus simulator free is one of those games which allows quite some customization to its users. You can download livery from the official store of bus simulator Indonesia store or you may also get these livery skins from third-party websites. We recommend if the third-party website is trustworthy you should only then download it from there otherwise keep it official.

Settings for the Bus Simulator free games online

There are settings that you should do before you start driving the bus you like in bus simulator Indonesia the bus game online. Foremost, you should see if you like to play with steering, as it is the default setting, or if you want arrows to turn the bus. I prefer arrows as it more convenient when you are playing on small screens. Moreover, I was not comfortable with steering as it kept slipping even I had not lifted my thumb off the screen. In addition to that, you need to set the sensitivity for the handling of the bus in this simulator free games online.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics of the Bus games simulator free games online are really great to watch. Due to its good graphics or perhaps the developer’s own choice loading other maps take some time, which shouldn’t. As of now, there are several games that provide a large-scale map that does not even require loading time yet you can roam the whole map.

The sound part I loved it. The bus sound effects are great. Nothing to complain about in this section. The most loving thing is the horn 😀 I enjoyed it most in this game. I kept pressing the horn for no good reason at all. But I loved the sounds of horns typical bus horns you can ask for. GGWP! Job well done!

With our Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk Game File

Now comes the part you love to read. Yes, you get unlimited money with our mod apk file of the BUSSID, coach bus simulator free games online. Moreover, you have the fuel to enjoy and roam around for no good reason.

Moral of the game

The moral of the game you can get from this game is, that no job is low. Respect every profession and job. That being said, this game can potentially teach you the basics of bus driving, otherwise, it wouldn’t be called a simulator. But I wouldn’t rely completely on this game as it is quite difficult and have so much to learn especially in real-life bus driving.


So, the verdict or final thoughts on BUSSID, the Bus Simulator Indonesia is that it is really a nice game to play. The fun part is there is no damage to the bus so you do save quite a lot of money there. Visually the maps and the bus models are really great. The sound is Epic :d so overall really satisfied with the game. You should give it a try. Lastly, this game provided online and offline gameplay which is freaking awesome, I never thought of this when I first played this game. The Job was well done by Maleo indeed.

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Regular updates

Regular updates for the latest android version

For Android users, frequent updates are present on infinitemodapk.com that will provide your devices with all the latest android versions of Bus Simulator Indonesia.


How to install it?

Here are simple steps to follow

  • Download mod apk game file from our site
  • Once your download is completed copy the downloaded mod file and paste it into your android phone.
  • If you are downloading directly from the android phone, you may skip this and proceed to the next one.
  • Now go to the file manager of your phone and install the mod apk game.
  • While installing it may ask you to check the “Unknown source” in security settings to proceed.

Now enjoy the game with Unlimited Money, No Ads, and Unlimited Fuel.


Bus Simulator Indonesia is a registered trademark of Maleo Games. 


What is BUSSID?

BUSSID stands for Bus Simulator Indonesia. It is free to play game simulator game.

What is Bus Simulator Indonesia?

Bus Simulator Indonesia is a Simulation game for the Bus. You play as a Bus driver in BUSSID, Bus Simulator Indonesia. You Drop off passengers from one city in Indonesia to another.

What is the Bus Simulator Indonesia mod apk?

With our mod apk game file you can enjoy No ads, and unlimited money and fuel.

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