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Choices mod apk Introduction

Choices mod apk is another simulation and narrative game you would love if you are more into illustrations when it comes to playing simulation and narrative games. Unlike Bitlife mod apk where you get to tap the button and see narrative only in every single scene. No wonder why choices stories you play unlimited keys and diamonds are going trendy these days. Moreover, Pixelberry did a great job when it comes to the art assets of the game. Graphis looks really sweet. Some elements of customization which I really loved about Choices Stories you play. That said, Choices have many more game elements which you won’t find in the Bitlife mod apk. Though both games are simulation and narrative games both differ in so many ways when it comes to gameplay except for one thing and that is tapping. You will be reading, no wonder why we call it a narrative game.

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Additional Information Choices

App NameChoices Mod Apk
PublisherInfinite Mod Apk
Current Version2.9.4
Mod InfoFree Premium Choices, Mod Menu, Unlimited Diamonds
RequirementsAndroid 5.0+
Size80 MB
Mod Apk FileChoices Mod Apk
Google Play Store ApkChoices: Stories You Play


Choices Mod Features
  • Free Premium Choices
  • Mod Menu
  • Unlimited Diamonds





Game Story of Choices Mod Apk game

Well, it all began in the studio called Pixelberry.  Choices stories you play unlimited keys and diamonds was released back in August 2016 by Pixelberry Studios. Before this narrative game, there were two major narrative and simulation games this studio had. The first one, High School Story and Holywood U. Then Choices stories you play was released in 2016. Moving forward, the game story in nutshell is that one choice can change everything! Every choice you take can make or break your relationship. Every choice has a different outcome. That is more than enough for the background, I guess. Now that we know who developed and what was before this game. Now we can move forward to the fun part of this narrative simulation game. Yes, the features of Choices mod apk.


one choice can change everything mod meny unlimited diamonds


Game Features of Choices Mod Apk

Play The Stories with Choices that affect the relationship

Many of our readers I am sure are book readers. Otherwise, you would not be reading these long blog posts just for fun. Similarly, the download choices mod apk unlimited keys and diamonds game is like a storybook with so many chapters in it. A recent Story you can find in this game is The Royal Romance. Moreover, down below are some of the other stories you guys can play,

  • The Crown & The Flame,
  • The Haunting of Bairdwood Manor
  • The Freshmen
  • Perfect Match
  • Blood Bound
  • The Royal Romance
  • High School Story
  • And many more

As for the VIP Books, there are many genres to choose from, romance, horror and fantasy, and even suspense. VIP books are only exclusive to Choices stories you play premium members or you can call it VIP members. They have some extra perks over non-VIP members. Such as books exclusive for VIP members, more diamonds and keys for VIP ones moreover, you can read the new books before anyone else can read. Some of the books for VIP members are:

  • Surrender
  • Crimes of Passion
  • Show Burn
  • And more coming soon.

Fair warning though, you might find a few books with adult content in them that are suitable for 18+ so tread lightly. You may want to check on your kids if they are playing such games or if are underage. Moreover, you can find all sorts of genres in the choices mod apk with unlimited diamonds, gems, and keys.





Choices mod apk Addictive Gameplay

Here comes the part of addiction, the addictive gameplay of this narrative game will glue you to the screen till you finish the story. And, I kid you not. You literally are stuck to the screen wondering what will happen next, whom should I make my friend, who is the real enemy. The stories you play are well written. I would say they all have one common characteristic. I usually find this boring in stories, the repetition. In the love triangle, one mean lady wants to get what she thinks is hers. Stuff like these bored me now. Yes, there are some stories which you may find really interesting and different. I would recommend that you should choose your first book based on your interest. When I first chose Romance there was this same plot. SPOILER ALERT!

Like I choose romance and the story was of a girl (you) who works at a restaurant as a waitress. Quite typical. Throwing garbage and chatting with her colleague. And the mean boss comes and scolds them both. Well, there is a bachelor’s party that is going to happen, more like four friends are coming for a hangout. One of them is a prince chained to the customs of his place called Cordonia, something like that. The prince sees you and gets amazed and just like that he is interested in you. And same goes for you as well. Typical story yea? Let us know in the comments below if you feel the same way.


interactive narrative game mod menu unlimited diamonds


Addicting gameplay of Choices mod apk unlimited diamonds mod menu

So, I told you about the storyline of The Royal Romance, but there are so many choices you have to make in order to get whom you love, lose someone who loves you and make best friends, be mean to someone who is mean to your friend and so on and so forth. Every single choice you make will change everything, for example, with drake, till I read the storybook, he is the best friend of the future king whom you like and love. But Drake falls for you. It’s your choice if you like to make drake your loved one or keep going with the future king. Every choice you take matters. The choices you take will lead to romance, love, friendship, and heartbreaks, and you never know something more intimate only if the book is 18+.

This interactive narrative game makes you keep tapping and reading the narrative that is the part of the game. You keep reading those dialogues and keep tapping the screen as you have addicted to the choices stories you play games. Moreover, there are expressions from all characters like when they are happy, angry, and even neutral. The background of characters also changes colors as per their emotions. As the character is angry the background will be red and so on. Moving on, it is not much you can do in the game apart from the things I mentioned in previous sections of the blog post. To make this more fun we are providing you with the choices mod menu where you can enjoy the customization in the game. More on that later.


So far, we have discussed who developed the game, when it was released and what the choices stories you play the narrative game is all about. There are some elements of customization in this narrative game. Like from the start of your tutorial you will be buying some stuff including premium ones. From the start of the game, you will be provided with customization options like you can choose a face for your main character, the one you love, or someone who will be led in another position. In addition to that, you will also choose their styles for your main character. Moving on, as the story continues to grow you will unlock the wardrobe icon and the stuff in it you have bought in the process. But fair warning does not expect so many options when it comes to customization.

AS mentioned in the previous paragraph you will be unlocking the wardrobe, there are many outfits for you to choose from. Some will be bought without any money and others need to be bought with diamonds. Thanks to our mod menu for the choices stories you play free diamonds you can buy any outfit, hairstyle, or any other accessories you love without paying a single diamond. Even if you have no diamonds, you will buy all stuff for free. So yes, there is that. The customization in this narrative game. More on graphics later.


Customization of choices stories you play unlimited diamonds mod menu apk image





Graphics and Sound of Choices Stories you play


What do you expect from a narrative game, when it comes to graphics of the game? Background scenery, Main character’s faces, and clothes with some accessories. Even the posture of the characters. As I started playing the game, the artwork of the game assets looked really great and well detailed. As I mentioned in some other blog post, I have been doing graphics designing work myself, the artwork for the game is quite nice and have tiny details. The quality is high definition (HD). In addition, the Drawings asset of background scenery and the character’s customization assets look pretty neat and with details. In my honest opinion, I liked the background art a lot. Choices mod apk mod menu unlimited diamonds have all the elements of great graphics. So simply can not ask more from such games.


Choices mod apk graphics



The game music is of good quality, not that we can complain about. Melody differs for every book. Moreover, the music differs from one scene and another. Like in one chapter there are many different scenes, as the story progress, the scenes are changed and moved from one location to another. So, the music also changes as the scene is changed. In nutshell, the music for the choices mod menu unlimited diamonds has high-quality music with nice tones and melodies. One thing I did not like though, I do not about you guys but for some time I would have enjoyed it until it starts to get irritating. That one thing is sound effects, I could not hear any sound effects. Pixelberry could have incorporated it into it but they did not add it.

Moral of the game

As I talked in Bitlife mod apk, and even they say it. Every choice you take will affect the future of your characters. Even the smallest choice which you might think is no big deal can change everything. It can either make or break your relationship with your loved ones. So, this game in a sense can teach you some things which can help you, supposedly, in understanding your relations and how can you improve them. But people do not see games as we do.


Conclusion for choices mod apk

Well, guys, it’s time to say goodbyes, someone said in some seasons, I never say goodbyes. We do as we have to write new games mod apk blog posts for you guys. And a lot, we love that. So, the crux of the choices stories you play is a fun interactive narrative game with high-definition graphics. Music is also fine, though I usually turn off the music as I do not like to hear music that much because it starts getting annoying for me. Moreover, with the game mod apk mod menu, you can enjoy the game with unlimited diamonds. So that you can buy stuff and be as pretty as you want. Now I’ll take my leave and stay tuned for our upcoming blog posts.

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Regular updates

Regular updates for the latest android version

For Android users, frequent updates are present on that will provide your devices with all the latest android versions of the choices stories you play.

How to install?

Here are simple steps to follow

  • Download the mod apk game file from InfiniteModApk
  • Once your mod apk file download is completed copy the downloaded mod apk file and paste it into your android phone.
  • If you are downloading directly from the android phone, you may skip this and proceed to the next one.
  • Now go to the file manager of your phone and install the download mod apk game file.
  • While installing it may ask you to check the “Unknown source” in security settings to proceed.

Now enjoy the game with Unlimited diamonds.


Choices: Stories you play is a registered trademark of Pixelberry. 

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