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Dead Target mod apk

Dead Target mod apk is a game that is known for the zombie apocalypse 3d first-person shooting game. You will be playing the role of solo zombie hunter, even though teams are mentioned but still for missions so far, I played solo. There is that hoard map also where waves after waves of zombies will come after you and you will be blowing their brains off. Like they even have one 😀 Shall we dive into the article, Let’s start!


Dead Target Mod Apk

Additional Information Dead Target

App NameDead Target Mod Apk
GenreAction, Shooting
PublisherInfinite Mod Apk
Current Version4.83.0
Mod InfoUnlimited Money,Gold
RequirementsAndroid 5.0+
Size 150 MB
Mod Apk FileDead Target Mod Apk
Google PlaystoreDead Target


Mod Features
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Infinite Ammo





Story of Dead Target Game

Watch out! Bloody freaking zombies are everywhere, it feels like a zombie Apocalypse. Whoa, I am talking about Dead Target Mod apk, not around you. Dead target free offline zombie game in 2021 is timed in some near future, which is like 2044, I think if I recall it correctly. I have been playing this game for a day now. It was quite fun to play this game. Well, the story continues. We, as the main character are dropped in a city which got infected and the majority of people turned zombies. I am not alone if you think that, there is one sexy lady who will guide us with the tutorial of the game. 😉 I do not know where she came from and how she survived 3 days without eating and drinking, most importantly without a bath.

So, we will be doing a tutorial and fulfill our desire to kill zombies, Oh Yea baby! Thunder sound fills the air and we drop zombies like bags of meat when we pull the trigger. Oh man, that moment! you are just pulling the trigger again and hitting headshots with your AI AS50 gun, you just cannot resist the temptation to kill more zombie targets in this zombie apocalypse game. Well, we will discuss the gameplay later. 😀 Where was I? Ah the story of the dead target zombie game. Yea, so we are all alone in that city filled with hundreds of thousands of zombies to kill, with no outside help. The only option we have is to gear up our defenses, and I say Offence is the best defense! This is the only way to end the zombie’s apocalypse.


Dead Target Apk Mod





Amazing Features of Dead Target Apk Mod

Play Dead Target mod apk Offline Zombie game

Hell Yeah! Zombies to kill all day long with super awesome Dead target mod apk! Apart from that, you can enjoy this game offline. Cool, isn’t it? Super excited aren’t you! We love our readers and listen to their feedback. We know that you people wanted an offline game which you can play all day long, even when you are traveling.

Addictive Gameplay

Ah, The gameplay of the Dead Target zombie apocalypse. I can write thousands of words on the gameplay of dead target mod apk. But I do not want you to keep reading my article and not play games. Why don’t you just tap the download button and download the dead target apk mod and then we can continue our gameplay? Sounds great, yea. So, we are in the city, we had our small training from that lady in the hospital. It’s time for the ACTION!

We will be assigned a mission to kill zombies so that we can survive one more day in this zombie apocalyptic nightmare. So, the mission will be killing normal zombies. I know you must be wondering why I said normal zombies, are there any special or unique zombies in the Dead Target zombie apk? Yes, there are some unique zombies in this game and we will be discussing it later in our zombie apocalypse – zombies with unique abilities section down below.

So, the gameplay of dead target apk. I liked some features quite a lot, like the guns and some features not that much. I will start off with the ones I liked, It’s a shooting game, more of a 3D first-person shooter. It is nice, but I always love to play 3rd person shooter. It’s providing a wider angle and does not cause headaches. I often get headaches playing first-person shooters, do not know why. The thing I did not like in dead target was you are holding a gun in a single position like if it was a turn-based game. VNG studios ruined gameplay for many gamers with this one bad gameplay option. It would have been much more fun If a player could roam around and enjoy killing zombies in this zombie apocalypse.


Dead Target apk gameplay


There are multiple currencies in-game, I never liked the idea of that as a player but companies love it. Red Diamonds, Gold, and Money. You will be using money to upgrade your weapons which we will discuss later in our customization of weapons in the dead target apk section. And Diamonds to buy premium stuff and gold also. The mechanism of awarding gold and money permission is bad, they provide a very low amount of money and gold which takes a lot of time to upgrade, which makes the game boring. This is the reason we are providing you with  Unlimited Gold, Unlimited Money, and Infinite ammo  so that you can kill zombie after zombie and never have to worry about low ammo or money to buy good stuff, you know what I mean. 😉

Moving on, you will be assigned missions to complete and there are some quests you need to fulfill in order to rank up. You would be starting with the rank of soldier and then climb the ladder to the top. There are two types of quests, main quests, and daily quests. Moreover, on the rank page, you will find login attendance. Login attendance also provides you with some rewards depending on how many days have you logged in to the game. The rewards consist of Gold, Money, Medic packs, Grenades, some abilities, and red ruby only on the 7th day and 14th day.

The worst part of the game is one, ads. There is a bombardment of ads. Moreover, there is spam of sales, guns packs, and so many other things, which I hate most. Not because I do not want to buy new stuff but because it takes continuous tapping to close every single ad and promo of guns after every single mission, which sucks. I think I covered most parts of the gameplay let’s talk about some real stuff, ah yes, the guns! 😉 One irritating thing in customization of weapons in dead target mod apk is that you have to watch an animation of that upgrade every single time and you can not skip that. -_-





Customization of Weapons in Dead Target apk

The part you guys were waiting for yea? Well, the wait is over, and dive into the armory of dead target apk. There are so many old classic guns we love to use in our other shooting games such as AK-47, M4A1, and Shotgun. These are the few I mentioned, later I will be writing a whole article on the guns you can use to kill zombies in Dead Target zombie shooter. You can upgrade these guns like in any other shooting game. You will be increasing dmg, acc, and fire rate, reducing reload time.

Mostly all guns have the same features with different stats of each individual feature of the gun. The unique feature of guns is that you can buy skins for the guns for extra customization. That looks cool. The skins have one drawback though It might reduce the dmg or some other feature of your gun. But I think it’s still worth it.


Zombie apocalyse weapons


Zombie Apocalypse – Zombies with Unique abilities

Dead Target mod apk comes with many unique features discussed earlier in the article, such as you will be standing on a single place and only rotating or they call it flip your position to the other side and kill zombies. I love my sarcasm sometimes 😀 Well, honestly like guns and skins and the abilities or buffs you may call it for the guns with skins.

They moved one step ahead and brought a different kind of zombies as well. Zombies have evolved and there are many kinds you never thought of. Haven’t ended the game yet, when I do will update this article, or perhaps better, I will write another article for you guys mentioning all the types of zombies in this game. Sounds good yea?

The hoard of zombies, they prefer to call it Zombie River: How long can you survive the zombie apocalypse, is another feature which will be unlocked once you reach rank 3, Corporal. I love this mode of the game as I loved it when I played it in gears of wars, the awesome shooting game, one of my favs.


Zombie Apocalypse – Zombies with Unique abilities


Graphics of Dead Target Apk

I would not say the graphics are boring but I won’t say that either, that graphics are really awesome. But yes I liked the graphics for a game that we can play on low-end Android devices. There is quite a lot of detailing in the surroundings. The colors composition for the assets of the game is good. And building details look nice. Zombies are fine, for the normal ones but the unique ones look nice. Overall, I am more than satisfied with the graphics, considering you can play this game on low-end phones.

Music of Dead Target apk

Typically, I play games with sound off, as I usually talk with my friends or family while playing games. But for you guys, I go through every aspect of the game I post reviews on. So that you know the pros and cons of every game. The music of the game is typically used in zombie shooters, with good sound effects for guns and zombies. It near gave me chills, and I thought the zombie is right beside me 😀 Bad Joke I guess 😀 Well, I would say the music of the game was great and the quality of the music was good also. Thumbs up on this one also!

Moral of the game

I think there won’t be any moral in this game, it’s not like you see zombie apocalypse every day or you encounter any venomous zombie that blow-ups and release venom all over you. But I say we can learn something from everything, this game teaches us that if you are all alone in a world where only zombies live how can you survive on your own. 😀 I guess we have to wait for that time to come and see if this game really taught us anything. But on a serious note, I am just kidding never mind 😀


So, the time has come for the verdict or our,, view on this game. Well, to be honest, I enjoyed the game quite a lot. The game mod apk we provided it will surely make this game more fun. Dead Target Zombie apocalypse has all the elements of a time killer game and the enjoyment is there, you can’t complain about it. Who complains about killing a zombie? Seriously man! With the modded version you can literally get a headshot every single time, I mentioned my fav gun above in the gameplay section.

Graphics are cool, music sounds good, you get awesome armory and above all, you can put freaking skins on guns! What else do you want? I would say Job well done! If you want to play Google Play Store Apk version click.


Dead Target Hack





Regular updates

Regular updates for the latest android version

For Android users, frequent updates are present on that will provide your devices with all the latest android versions of Dead Target.

How to install Dead Target mod apk?

Here are simple steps to follow

  • Download modded game file from link provided above
  • Once your download is completed copy the downloaded mod file and paste it into your android phone.
  • If you are downloading directly from the android phone, you may skip this and proceed to the next one.
  • Now go to the file manager of your phone and install the modded game
  • While installing it may ask you to check the “Unknown source” in security settings to proceed.

Now enjoy the game with Unlimited Money, Unlimited Gold, and Infinite Ammo.





Dead Target is a registered trademark of VNG Games Studios. 


What is dead target?

Dead Target is Zombie 3D first-person shooting and action game. You should equip yourself with deadly weapons and obviously with Survival skills to go on a journey to save you and the world from EVIL ZOMBIES.

Is the Dead Target mod apk game safe for kids?

It is recommended that humans less than 17 years old should not play the Dead Target mod apk game.

Is Dead Target Mod safe for devices?

Yes, Dead Target Mod which is downloaded from is absolutely safe for all devices. This Mod will not harm any of your devices.

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