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Dead Trigger 2 mod apk Introduction

Hey guys, how are you? Today is the day for the Dead Trigger 2 mod apk. You all have been waiting for this blog post for quite some time now. Many of you landed this page from the 10 Best Zombie Apocalypse Games. Well, today I will be telling you all about the dead trigger 2 games. Is dead trigger 2 offline or online games? Can I play dead trigger 2 on pc? Moreover, where to download the dead trigger 2 apk and obb file? Apart from these I will let you know some tips and tricks along the way and see if you catch that. 😉 I won’t be mentioning it as a tip or trick it’s for you to decide. The dead trigger is a free-to-play zombie survival game and one of the best zombie apocalypse games. Stay tuned for our in-depth analysis of the game. Let’s begin!

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Additional Information Dead Trigger 2

App NameDead Trigger 2 Mod Apk
PublisherInfinite Mod Apk
Latest Version 1.8.12
DeveloperMADFINGER Games
Mod Info Mega Mod
RequirementsAndroid 4.1+
Size498 MB
Mod FileDead Trigger 2 Mod Apk
Google PlaystoreDead Trigger 2


Mod Features

Mega Mod





Game Story of Dead Trigger 2 mod apk game

Dead Trigger 2 mod apk was released by a game development studio known as Madfingers Games. It’s a zombie FPS, first-person shooter, survival game. One of the best shooting games in zombies-themed games. On Google Playstore Dead trigger 2 is downloaded more than 50 million times with 3 million and above reviews. What are some mind-boggling stats for a game? This game is a multi-genre game, it lies in action role-playing, first-person shoot, and zombie survival game. It is holding currently an editor’s choice badge in Google Playstore. So, I would say the game has some potential. Well, we will see when we go through it thoroughly. Like does it give customization elements? Or how the graphics look now? And many more questions we ask when we write any blog post for our readers.


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Game Features of Dead Trigger 2 Mod Apk

Dead Trigger 2 offline or online game

Is dead trigger 2 offline or online games? So many times, this question has come across us. So today we thought why not let our readers know if Dead trigger two is an online or offline game? Well, the answer to this question is really simple. You can play this game online and offline. There are game modes in the game that allows you to play offline and online. Like when you would be playing campaign mode you can play that offline. But when it comes to playing arena that you have to play online. So, the answer to a question that is asked a lot is you can play online and offline. If you are still confused let us know in the comment section below.





Dead Trigger 2 mod apk Addictive Gameplay

Once more, I will be telling you stories about the gameplay of any famous game our readers love to play. But before playing the game you would like to know a bit about the game yea? That is the reason we provide our readers with a comprehensive blog post with all the elements of the game and game review. We are humans’ yea if we still miss something please do let us know and we will add that up in our blog post. That being said, dead trigger 2 mod apk mega mod is no doubt one of the great zombie survival games out there. There are some things which I think need some improvements. Foremost is the graphics, what!!! Yea, you heard me. The graphics do needs improvement. Moreover, the sound quality is good but needs a zombie touch.

Alright, the gameplay, dead trigger 2 has a small mission for campaign mode or you can say story mode. You will be starting from North America and moving on to the next country once you complete the missions in any particular country. There are multiple streams for money income. You can do story mode, or you can play generic missions which provides you the quick money. Then there are 3x missions that provide you with goodies and gold. Gold is another currency in the game by which you can buy limited rare stuff that only smuggler sells. You have a hideout on every continent and have a team of five people. Well, actually you join that team by saving a survivor on the way.

All you have to do is complete missions, kill zombies along the way and collect blueprints that are hidden over the map. Once you complete all pieces of the blueprint you get a rare reward.


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Customization of Team Members

The part I think needs some improvement. But I can’t complain as it is an FPS game where you usually do not see the 3d model of the main character but only a gun. Regardless, the game has tons of customization options you could ever ask for. It isn’t directly for the main character like we usually see but the team we have.

As I mentioned we are part of a team. The survivor we saved on the go was a member of the team and is also a medic. She produces the painkillers and medic stuff. Next in line was a gunsmith, whom we have to bring a toolbox of his in order to get his favors, who produces the guns. The third one was the engineer we had to save so that he can produce grenades stuff. The fourth one came out of nowhere and he is known as a smuggler. The last one is a scientist whom we had to find and bring back to the hideout. He is the one who proves the technology.

Now, understand one thing, they all have level bars. You need to upgrade your team members so that you can get cool and more powerful goodies in dead trigger 2 mod apk mega mod. But the thing is you cannot upgrade anyone until a scientist is upgraded so that he can provide the technology. For example, a gunsmith’s job is to produce guns, but if he is at level one, he can only produce level one guns. But once he gets the technology and we upgrade him to level 2 he can create stronger guns.





Customization of Hideout

Moving further into customization, you have a plethora of options to customize your hideout. You can buy stuff from the shop and place it in your hideout so that it feels more of a home than a junkyard or workplace. Some of the stuff I bought was a big ball, shades on the beach, and a disco ball. Moreover, there are plenty of other things that you can buy to make your home beautiful. As you start customizing your hideout smuggler will provide you with a slot machine.

This machine consumes two gold from you and gives one spin. What you need to do is before playing slot machine you need to rotate your screen to the right and then slide your view to the left or to the middle of the screen. You might get some gold for free; I did manage to get almost 150 gold but then again, it’s luck also. I lost some and still, I have 40 gold in. I started out with 10 gold which was provided by the smuggler.

Moving on, you can add so much stuff in the shop to your hideout and change the feel of the crappy old basement into a crappy home sweet home. 😀 True story. It’s not like you can totally change everything. Like wallpapers, beds, or pets. Knock, Knock it’s dead trigger 2 mod apk mega mod, not sims 4 or sim city. Come on man, what did you expect from the zombie survival horror game? A complete simulation game 😀


dead trigger 2 customization


Graphics and Sound

Graphics of Dead Trigger 2 game

Ah, the graphics of a game that has been around since 2013 and has an editor’s choice badge. I would say dead trigger 2 mod apk hack mod is quite over ratted when it comes to graphics. I played the game on PC but I think the graphics are not that up to the mark.

The characters have pixelated edges and feel like they are 2d models in a 3d game. You don’t trust me? Check it for yourself. Above that, the edges are really prominent like there is a white color edge to every character. The surrounding environment also has pixelated edges. The texture of the surroundings looks good though, but the texture used for the characters is quite a low res. You can see the engineer is completely blurred and so is the gunsmith. It disappointed me, for all the recognition this game has. Comparing other shooting games like PUBG and dead target.

Comparing dead trigger 2 vs dead target I would say dead target two has far better graphics quality than dead trigger 2. There are round edges in the game for the environment and guns I played in the dead target. Whereas the environment of the dead trigger 2 has a pixelated edge ruining the looks of the surroundings. Guns look somewhat fine but still need improvement. By reading all this you might think I really hate the graphics of the game. I am not saying that at all. I liked the game, the gameplay is good, graphics are fine but could have done a better job. It has been almost 10 years now they can spend some money to improve the graphics.

Music of Dead Trigger 2 mod apk

The music of the game is nice. I liked the music not a lot but it’s not much of irritating. But, 😀 there are always some buts! 😀 the music in mission starts to give vibes of Arabian dance night 😀 Honestly, it felt like it’s not a zombie survival game anymore rather there was a party going on, and then there is a belly dance. Apart from that music quality is great, sound effects are also nice not that great. It’s kind of funny when you are trying to play a zombie apocalypse survival game and your radio is tuned to belly dance. 😀

Moving on, overall, the music has mixed vibes from rock to trans till you get Arabian music vibes in the middle of the mission. You can not complain when it comes to creativity and the diversity the madfingers games provided you in the music of a single game.

Moral of the game

Mmmmmm, the Moral of the game, is the dead trigger 2 mod apk mega mod. Hmmm, today is the day I will be forging the history in blog posts. Why do you ask because this game me no reason to tell you anything this game can teach. But if I do so, I would be contradicting my own philosophy of we can learn something from anything. If you are a regular reader of blog posts you must have read this in my previous blog posts.

Well, to be honest, there isn’t anything this game teaches. But for the sake of this section of our blog post, I will write something for you to implement in your real life. In today’s era, you must have learned or heard a lot about teams and team building, and leaders. Yea? Well, if you look at it from such a perspective, you might get the idea of the team building this game shows us. In my opinion, a team needs someone who can heal everyone, a medic. Moreover, someone who can do the thinking for the whole team, I would say a scientist. Moving on, then you need someone who has the potential to take initiative and do the job, yea? That would be you, my dear reader. Well, I can link everyone’s traits with something but I wouldn’t do that cause I have my reasons to do so.






Ah, the conclusion or my say or the last words for your guys. الكلمات الأخيرة يا رفاق, huling salita para sa iyong mga lalaki, letzte Worte für Ihre Jungs, अपने दोस्तों के लिए अंतिम शब्द, последние слова для ваших парней. This game is a good game to play. You will enjoy the game as it has small missions and a lot of customizations. The graphics are not as good as they should be but they are fair enough. Moreover, the music of the game is the best part of the game. I would recommend playing dead trigger 2 mod apk mega mod. You can download the apk and obb file at IMA, infinite mod apk.

If you want to play dead trigger 2 on pc without bluestacks you can download any android emulator and you can play the game on a PC. Moreover, if you want to play the original game you can download it from Google Playstore.


Regular updates

Regular updates for the latest android version

For Android users, frequent updates are present on that will provide your devices with all the latest android versions of Dead Trigger 2.

How to install it?

Here are simple steps to follow

  1. Download the mod apk game file from our site Infinite Mod Apk
  2. Once your mod apk download is completed copy the downloaded mod apk file and paste it into your android phone.
  3. Now extract the compressed file. The compressed file has two files in it one is apk and the other is obb file.
  4. If you are installing directly to your android device please read the third step.
  5. Now go to the file manager of your phone and install the mod apk game file. Once installed do not run the game.
  6. Now copy the obb file and paste it in the following folder location: internal storage>Android>obb
  7. Copy and paste the obb file you just uncompressed and paste it to the above mentioned location in step 6
  8. While installing the mod apk game file the popup may ask you to check the “Unknown source” in security settings to proceed.

Now enjoy the game with Unlimited Mega Mod.

Dead Trigger 2 is a registered trademark of Madfinger Games. 


How to hack Dead Trigger 2?

You do not need to hack the dead trigger 2. You can download the Dead Trigger 2 mod that is hacked of dead trigger 2.

How to play dead trigger 2 on PC?

All you have to do is download apk and obb. And use any android emulator so that you can play the dead trigger 2 on PC without bluestacks.

Is Dead Trigger 2 online?

Yes, Dead trigger 2 is online for more details read our blog post.

How to download Dead Trigger 2?

You need to click the download button above to start downloading dead trigger 2.

Is Dead Trigger 2 on android?

Yes, the dead trigger 2 is on android.

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