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Dog life mod apk Introduction

Wauf. Meow. Hiss. These are the sounds you will hear a lot in Dog Life mod apk. A game genre you have been playing ever since you were a child. I know that you are aware of the most famous games in this genre, kindly let us know also in the comments sections below. The last time I told you one in Doglife Bitlife Mod top dog and that was the sims. So, the Dog life bitlife game apk is a life simulation game that has the potential to let you feel how the animals want to interact with their owners. Or maybe not. 😀 Same principle applies to this game as well, foremost every choice has its own consequence. Secondly, the game is a text-based same old interactive game with no graphics at all.


bitlife dog life unlocked all top dog

Additional Information Bitlife Dogs - Doglife

App NameDog Life mod apk
PublisherInfinite Mod Apk
Latest Version 1.6.2
DeveloperCandyWritter Llc
Mod Info Top Dog
Unlocked All
RequirementsAndroid 5.0+
Size103 MB
Mod Apk FileDog Life mod apk
Google Play Store ApkBitlife Dogs - Doglife


Mod Features
  • Top Dog
  • Unlocked All





dog life mod apk menu


Story of Dog life Bitlife unblocked top dog Game

Well, this time there is no tiny miny thingy that will be going to the egg to fertilize it rather you will be starting the game. The next thing that would appear would be the animal. It could be any animal I presume, as I got the cat in my first and only game. You might get boa constrictor. 😀 You never know! Or maybe you can get a dog at your first game. If you are lucky enough.

I will discuss the dog life mod apk unblocked with the top dog in depth. Moreover, I will also discuss the gameplay but for the moment I like to continue the background story of the dog life bitlife game apk. As you start off the game if you get a dog pet you might have to choose the puppy’s face and skin colors along with the eye colors. Once you are done with the customization of the top dog in dog life unblocked you can continue to the next step. Now comes the aging part, every time you press age button you would be fast-forwarded for three months.

Life in Dog life unblocked is quite simple, you spend quality time with your owner and other pets in the house. There are some things you should be aware of before I explain them to you in detail in the gameplay section. Foremost, there is SD and that is the sniff database. Secondly, there is a hierarchy when it comes to the pets in the house, you know the alpha, omega, and you. So, you need to be cautious.


Unique and interesting features of Dog Life Mod Apk

Play Online and Offline

Dog life Apk is an offline game, I did not bother to check if it can be played online or not. As I mentioned in bitlife mod apk, you could play online only one way. And the way is there are some events which would appear in the game, that you need to compete in. As the events are typically live for a few days you need to hurry up and fulfill the task that is in that specific event. So yes, that was the one aspect that I mentioned in the previous blog post.

Main Menu of Dog life Mod apk

As we discussed in my previous blog post regarding the length of the main menu, Dog life mod apk unlocked is no exception. Moreover, as I have mentioned more than once that this game is text only game, you might have to scroll through quite a lot of tabs to find something in the main menu. Last time I mentioned you could start life as dog life bitlife as a dog well you can not with a single tap. Wauf! So, what are you waiting for tap that and embark on a wild journey!



Addictive Gameplay

Ahaa! The gameplay of Bitlife dog life apk where you get to meet the top dog. Well at the start I thought it would be actually some dog I would get but it wasn’t. It was the attributes I could change as you can do in bitlife mod apk god mode. Or maybe I haven’t played the game that much I might have missed some stuff regarding the top dog. Let’s start the gameplay part of the dog life apk. By now you are aware of what sort of stuff you are dealing with as I mentioned some parts in the story of the game section above.

Well, you would be starting off as a baby pet. It could be a puppy, kitten or snake as matter of fact. When I started my new life as a pet it gave me a nice taffy. It was a ragdoll cat, that looked a lot like a raccoon. Which reminded me of cartoons Taffy. If you haven’t watched those cartoons trust me you haven’t missed anything. 😀 yea sometimes it is quite fun to watch that. It’s a story of a woman, who is a billionaire I think or she has more money than that. Well, who cares, she adopted a raccoon thinking it’s a cat called taffy and she has a dog called Bentley, a blue Doberman.

I got off the topic, happens quite often. Moving on once the life is started the dashboard of the game appears. There are five buttons in the main view. One is of age which you all know what it does. On the left-hand side, there are two buttons, first one is home and the second is SD, scent database. On the right side there are also two buttons one is hierarchy and activities.

Your game would revolve around these five buttons, occasionally you would be taping the main menu button. Home shows you all the characters there are in the owners’ home and the locality and stuff. SD is something that pets do a lot. They sniff. Sniffing database is all the sniffing that has been done by your character. For example, my cat named Catty Purry sniffed the owner and she smelled like diarrhea. I guess the owner did not know about the perfumes. Every single animal character your pet will sniff will be added in SD except for humans. Even though they are social animals that’s what science says. Not me.

Next is the hierarchy, this part is quite interesting, as I mentioned earlier either you are going to be alpha or omega. But some of you will remain you. As the game starts you are placed in a hierarchy it could be alpha, but I doubt it because you have to earn it. You could be an omega but the chances are very slim. So, you would be you. You got to make other pets submit to you just like in fifty shades of grey. Now the question is how can you become alpha? Well, there are some ways, the way I did was to keep attacking alpha now and then, especially on its throat. Eventually, the dog’s alpha was submitted. Now you are the alpha enjoy the perks.

Lastly, there is that activities button. This is where you would see all the activities you can do with your pet. The more you do the more respect and power you can get in your owner’s home.


doglife mod apk



Ah, the place I love to blabber a lot. But thanks to the developers they literally made my work easy on this one. There is not much you can do in the game, not much customization is offered in Doglife bitlife unlock top dog apk. In the previous game, we saw there were few elements where you could mingle. But in this game, you can do a bit more I would say. You can change the color of primary hair, secondary, and then facial, and lastly Eyes color.



Experience the Consequences of your Choices

I have, in detail, talked about how the gameplay works. I guess I have covered every inch of the game when it comes to gameplay for my readers and users. There aren’t many choices in dog life bitlife unlock mod apk but certainly, there are somewhere you need to consider the consequences. As I did with Reilly the dog, you should try to be calm.

Visuals and Sounds

Graphics of the Dog life Bitlife game apk

Alright, it’s graphics review time. Well, to start off with the game graphics there is none to talk about but one thing I could not understand is why the heck they made my pc hang whenever I played the game. It’s not like it’s a AAA game, yet I had to force shut my emulator. Or maybe it was due to the apocalyptic emulator I use. I can’t know for certain why it happened. But I know most of you guys would be playing on handheld android devices. There are some graphics elements in this game as we saw in the previous game.

Music of the Dog life Bitlife game apk

Wauf Wauf, Meow Weow, Hissss, phisss, grrrrr, cuko, and I do not know how many other animals sounds you would be hearing in the game, but I am certain of one thing the sound quality is good. The music of the game is also great. As I have mentioned in a lot of my previous blog posts, I usually turn off the music. I get irritated or it became my habit long ago when I use to play DOTA and DOTA 2 MOBA games. My friends and I use to chat so we had to turn off the music or lower the volume.


Moral of the game

As we mentioned before Dog life is a Life simulator game that assesses your decisions and sets the course of your future. You are wholly and solely responsible for your condition in the game. This game potentially can help you make the right decisions if you try to implement it in real life.


top dog unlock all mod dog life





Bitlife Dog life Top dog unlocked Simulator is a text game or rather say it is interactive fiction, many people love this genre. With many elements of good interactive fiction, such as a lot of text and then there is a lot of text on the menu and did, and I mention a lot of text everywhere. Previously I advised Candywriter should add more images as it will make the user experience far better. I know by now you are bored and almost sleepy I guess well, Stay tuned for more android games reviews and mods!

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Regular updates

Regular updates for the latest android version

For Android users, frequent updates are present on that will provide your devices with all the latest android versions of Dog life.

How to install it?

Here are simple steps to follow

Download the modded game file from

Once your download is completed copy the downloaded mod file and paste it into your android phone. If you are downloading directly from the android phone, you may skip this and proceed to the next one.

Now go to the file manager of your phone and install the modded game. While installing it may ask you to check the “Unknown source” in security settings to proceed.

Now enjoy the game with Unlocked all and Top Dog

Dog life is a registered trademark of Candywriter, LLC. 

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