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Dragon city codes December 2022 is a long list of codes that you can redeem and get awesome rewards. Dragon city has varying characteristics and charm in the game that makes it fun and enjoyable with your friends and family. When we talk about dragons, we do not forget dragon breeding which is one of the fun parts.


The Chronicles of Dragonborn or you may call it dragon city is really great game that you can play. I presume you were quite excited about our list of redeem promo codes on A one Piece game codes (October ) and Tiny tina shift codes (October ) now we bring you dragon city codes 2022 that you would be using and will redeem virtual currency and other items that will surely give you the competitive edge over other players. You guys are looking for cheat codes that can help you grow your dragon city codes 2022 game real quick you landed on to the perfect page. We give you some tips and tricks along this blog post so that you can keep reading our blog post we will at the end provide you with awesome cheat and redeem codes for the game.



Dragon city codes December 2022










The Chronicles of Dragonborn or you may call it dragon city codes redeem is really great game that you can play. As mentioned earlier you would be breeding the dragons in breeding area. That is one tricky part. You need to raise those dragons to a quite big size. You will have a great experience through your dragon city game if you redeem the dragon city codes.


Dragon City Codes December 2022 | Infinite Mod Apk

  • #40g3mdt1N ————— Daily reward
  • #HhHyH4mqp ————– Special reward
  • #yGKooPTuH —————- Unlock dragons
  • #8gFmWoGvH ————– Special offer
  • #40g3mdt1N —————- Daily reward
  • #HhHyH4mqp ————–  Special reward
  • #nMYrEJWVB —————- Secret combination
  • #gn5KB3qCS —————-  Deluxe pack
  • #byxXFE2py ————– — Speed up
  • #ZMgoufxLy—————— Feed
  • #baYfSNTtp —————— Booster pack


Old Codes that might not work but you can always try:

  • #byxXFE2py: ————It will speed up you in the game
  • #nMYrEJWVB–———  You will get secret combinations.
  • #gn5KB3qCS–———– Use and get deluxe packs
  • #yGKooPTuH–———– Use and get special offers
  • #baYfSNTtp– ———   Use and get special rewards.
  • #HhHyH4mqp–———- Redeem and get super Powers


dragon city codes December 2022


Dragon City Codes December 2022 | Infinite Mod Apk

As you can check the redeem codes for the dragon city, you will be redeeming it, so we thought why not provide the instructions on how to redeem these codes. Well, there are different ways to redeem it one is that you can redeem it from the Social media pages of the developers or you can email them. You might get a reply.


The Best Dragon habitat to choose from

Dragon City online is a game RPG and Simulation. You would be needing dragon habitats. Every habitat has its own set of unique abilities. There are some really amazing habitats you can check some of these are flying habitats, aquatic habitats, and magical and highland habitats. Once you chose the habitat this is the major determinant of the abilities of dragons and how you can use them.


Learn to Earn coins

In the dragon city game, you can play matches against another dragon master. With such matches, you will be collecting coins only if you win and complete the specific challenges or activities in the game.


Dragon Towers that need unlocking

You would notice that on large floating islands you can find the dragon tower, it can be captured by sending the number of your powerful dragons on a scout mission. Once the dragon tower is unlocked it will boast your gameplay.

To increase your gold per hour you need to unlock the Marians Tower. This will increase the city’s gold for you and it makes sure that you receive a steady income of gold.


Play the Mod apk version of Dragon City Codes DCC

Most of the achievements are the same in the game or console but bear in mind that there is some exclusive unique dragon headgear in this game that you can get in dragon city codes.



dragon city redeem codes December 2022












InfiniteModApk is here to provide a quality game review and promo redeem codes. Which we know you guys love a lot. You can play our dragon city mod apk just for the fun. We strive to provide you with the codes and updated version of the modified mod apk. If you want to play Google Play store apk <—– click here



How do you get free diamonds on Dragon City?

Promote yourself in Next Arena. You see every arena is different have different rules. In nutshell, you will be competing against other player’s dragons. Bear in mind most probably heroic dragons have not supported the cause so you might not be able to play your heroic dragons.

How do you cheat on Dragon City?

There are many ways some of them are written in article.

How do you get coins fast in Dragon City?

The best way and the fast way is to build a javelin tower for 1 gem per day. That is 30 gems in a month’s time. The second way is you can watch those stupid annoying ads. Lastly, you can take part in the arena and contest.



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