Dying Light 2 safe codes November 2022 | IMA

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Dying Light 2 safe codes if you are looking for it, look no further. It does appear like Techland is fond of hiding away valuables like Inhibitors and mission supplies in safes. If you spend some time wandering about the various buildings in Villedor, you’ll notice that there are several safes dotted throughout. Yes, unlocking all the safes you find may help ease your way through the zombie-infested world. There are several outposts dispersed around the map that sell useful salvage.


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Sometimes the answer is camouflaged as a riddle or a mathematical problem, but the code is always written down nearby. And we weren’t here to do algebra, now were we? As such, for your convenience, I have included every single safe code in Dying Light 2 safe codes below, along with some information on where each safe can be discovered and how to get the answer.

If you’ve managed to locate a safe in Dying Light 2, the next question is likely to be what combination is required to unlock it. The solution to the puzzle is provided below. Read on to find out what codes have been broken and how safes may be opened. Moreover, if you love Roblox games as we do, you may check these Promo Codes blog posts. Project Slayers CodesAnime Warriors CodesA one Piece Game codesShindo Life Codes


dying light 2 stay human october 2022



Dying Light 2 safe codes November 2022 | IMA

Dying Light 2 safe codes November 2022 | Infinite Mod Apk

  • 5-1-0: Bazaar Church safe code (Trinity)
  • 9-6-6: Dam Nightrunner Hideout safe code (City Outskirts)
  • 9-8-7: Dark Hollow safe code (Saint Paul Island)
  • 21-12-55: “Book Club X” safe code (Houndfield)
  • 4-4-4: Church of St Thomas the Apostle safe code (Saint Paul Island)
  • 3-21-67: “Treasure Hunt” safe code (Muddy Grounds)
  • 22-67-66: South Quarry End safe code (Quarry End)
  • 10-28-64: “Little Boy” safe code (New Dawn Park)
  • 3-1-3: Bandit Camp safe code (Downtown)
  • 74-17-76: US Declaration of Independence safe code (Downtown)
  • 3-1-4: Electrical Station safe code (Garrison)
  • 6-6-6: VNC Tower safe code (Garrison)
  • 10-10-10: “Life, The Universe, And Everything” safe code (Muddy Grounds)
  • 9-7-3: “The First Biomarker” safe code (Houndfield)
  • 3-1-3: “Moonshine” safe code (Horseshoe)
  • 11-11-19: “Out Of Your League” Crocodile Flats safe code (Houndfield)
  • 85-19-45: “End Of World War Two” safe code (Saint Paul Island)
  • 1-0-1: Nightrunner Hideout safe code (Houndfield)
  • 4-5-9: “Absolute Zero” safe code (Newfound Lost Lands)



How to crack safes in Dying Light 2

First of all, it should be noted that safe codes may be found at any time in Dying Light 2; if you’re trying to crack a safe without using a cheat, you might want to check about for any pieces of paper or other clues that can lead you to the code.

You don’t need to know the codes to open the safes in Dying Light 2, so don’t worry if you haven’t played the first game. You’ll need to carefully spin the left analogue stick on your controller while Aiden enters a code. When you press one of the three digits that appear in the code, the controller will provide a tiny vibration. Write down the three digits; then, it’s only a matter of trying them in various combinations until you find the one that works.



dying light 2 stay human october 2022


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