Hill Climb Racing Vehicles

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Best Hill Climb Racing Vehicles for Different Tracks

Hill Climb Racing Vehicles consist of 34 unique vehicles for you to ride on. Different vehicle has different performances on the same stage. And each of them has its own uniqueness in Epic Hill Climbing Adventure.
Below are the best combination of vehicles and a stage to get lots of coins, and if you want unlimited coins and diamonds read our full review at Hill Climb Racing Mod Apk.

Hill climb Racing Secret is hidden in your choice of vehicle.

Motocross Bikes

 Best for jumps and flips but very hard to control.


Epic Hill Climbing Adventure


Quad Bikes

Just like motocross bikes but a little better in all areas.


Epic Hill Climbing Adventure


Race Car

Fast but shouldn’t be upgraded too much.

Epic Hill Climbing Adventure


Rally Car

Fast and better than a race car.

Hill Climb Racing Secrets



Super Diesel

When your track has more coins then you should think of this vehicle.Great for collecting more coins.

Hill Climb Racing Secrets



Most wanted vehicle. Save more coins and be suitable for every track without much trouble.

Hill Climb Racing Secrets


Monster Truck

Never flip over but mean thing its brakes and accelerators are not good enough to continue racing. So you should think about another one.


Hill Climb Racing


Fire Truck

It’s fast, covers long distances, and has good fuel capacity but by choosing this you make your race difficult as it’s difficult to make a flip and climb a hill and the ladder makes it difficult to balance a vehicle.


Hill Climb Racing


Dune Buggy

Congrats!If you get this means you get the best suspensions. It goes great in all tracks.


Hill Climb Racing Vehicles


Snow Mobile

Great for snow stage and tricks. It flips over when you lose balance mid-air.


Hill Climb Racing Vehicles



As its name suggests it is a slow and very hard time for climbing big hills. But if you enjoy riding this vehicle then go for it.


Hill Climb Racing Vehicles


Tourist Bus

The giant vehicle has weak accelerators, guzzles gas, and easily flips over.


Hill Climb Racing


Hippie Van

Peace Man! HCR has a lot of fun vehicles for you to enjoy and Hippie vans are no exception. Hippie Van has the brute strength to crush trees. Hippie vans are best for tracks that have a lot of trees as it goes by and does not get destroyed. Moreover, Fuel capacity is quite big. There are a few problems though, you only get a boost for up to a few seconds and which is automatic.


Hill Climb Racing


One Wheeler

Who wants to play Hill climb racing and not die? Well my friend you found that one vehicle that won’t let you die that easily. There is a catch though with one wheeler, it’s slow as a snail, you can’t really climb on steep hills and you can’t even make a flip with it.


Hill Climb Racing


Trophy Truck

This is not so fast but has very good traction. Suitable for some stages.


Vehicles in Hill Climb Racing


Police car

It is fast when completely upgraded and has good traction. It has a siren that goes off when collecting fuel containers.


Epic Hill Climbing Adventure



It is a giant vehicle and has plenty of fuel with a siren that turns on collecting fuel. Moreover, it carries a patient to the hospital after giving first aid.


Vehicles in Hill Climb Racing


Electric Car

It is a small as well as very slow vehicle in the game. Gamers avoid using this car due to its poor speed acceleration and torque.


Vehicles Hill climb racing



The only vehicle is in-game with no tires. A vehicle that is good at low friction surface.Very good speed among all vehicles. Initially, it has a very low speed but after upgrading the vehicle you will like it and never choose any other vehicle. It is suitable for the stage which has water because it floats on water which another vehicle can’t do.


HCR Mod Apk



To be very honest, not good for accumulating coins and winning a race.


Hill Climb Racing Mod Apk



Very fast. Be careful, it’s very hard to control. It is a long vehicle with two big wheels on the back and two small wheels in front that improve its downforce.


Vehicles Hill climb racing


There are many vehicles and you can also customize these. But you should select an optimum vehicle for a certain track and stage for winning a race. Now enjoy the game and try not to flip too much or you might have your neck flipped. Happy Riding! Drive Safe!

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Recommended Hill Climb Racing Vehicles

We recommend the 5 best vehicles for you to buy upgrade and win.

  1. Tank
  2. Dune Buggy
  3. Rally Car
  4. Trophy Truck
  5. One Wheeler ( if you don’t want to die 🙂 )

You can also download an unmodified version of Hill Climb Racing  from google playstore

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