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Gaming News – Journey of the Gladiator 2

Recently The developers of the game Outlast Journey of a gladiator, San Games Studio, have announced it officially that the sequel to outlast will be released. The game story goes like this, the slave is forced to become a gladiator.

You will start as that gladiator and you would be fighting in the arena against other players, gladiators, to win your freedom. Moving to the Journey of a gladiator 2. JOAG, players will be fighting in turn-based gameplay. They need to develop a proper gladiatorial combat strategy in order to win the fights.

You would need to customize your hero. Experiment with different builds and add-ons. This game has more than 30 enemies to kill in the arena therefore you need to be equipped with legendary weapons and mythic armor. Moreover, the game has added a new class of fighters a bowman.

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Journey of a gladiator


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