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Mobile legends mod apk

Mobile Legends Mod apk is really an awesome game you will ever play! It’s addictive like chess. Someone once said MOBA games are like chess, and I totally agree with it. Without any strategy, you can never win a game in Mobile legends bang bang. You might have played 5v5 MOBAs games before, if you never played MLBB then my friend you missed fast-paced MOBA action. I have been playing MOBA games since 2009 I think, I can’t recall it as it has been over a decade. It all started with World of warcraft’s small map named Defense of The Ancients now you know that as DOTA or DOTA 2. That was the beginning of a decade-long 5v5, 3v3, 1v1 MOBA adventure. So, let’s begin with our review of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Let’s Start!


Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Additional Information MLBB

App NameMobile Legends Mod Apk
GenreMOBA, Action
PublisherInfinite Mod Apk
Latest version1.6.85.7481
Mod InfoUnique Heroes, Smart AI, Highly Competitive
RequirementsAndroid 4.1+
Size90.54 MB
Mod Apk FileMLBB Mod Apk
Google PlaystoreMobile Legends: Bang Bang


Mod Features
  • Cool Heroes
  • Awesome Hero Abilities
  • Strategic Gameplay
  • No pay to win
  • Highly competitive
  • Smart AI in-game





Story of 5v5 Mobile legends mod apk

Mobile Legends MLBB Bang Bang has a very interesting world known as the Land of dawn with so many different races and clans. The land of dawn is the center of all the epic battles happening in MLBB. There are many famous regions where legends are born and live. Then there is one major power, Moniyan Empire, where people live happily and every evil wants to disrupt that peace. This is the place of living for many heroes of the Mobile legends Bang Bang.

There are more than 122 heroes in this game with unique abilities. Some legends are bound to be played together because of their abilities, as their abilities create synergy.  The heroes you will be playing in mobile legends consist of many races. Some of the most prominent are, Humans, Elfs, Droids, Mages, Shamans, Orcs, and Alien creatures you have never seen. Moreover, there is a good side and an evil side, some are seeking revenge, some want to rule with tyranny others just want chaos for fun.


Mobile Legends Mod Apk





Amazing Features of Mobile Legends Mod Apk

Play 5v5, 3v3 MOBA Online

There are many variants of gameplay you can play. But in MOBA games mostly 5v5 is played or we can say MOBA’s are well known for 5v5 play. But there are maps in MLBB, where you can play 3v3 or even 1v1 if you just want to have fun or want to practice a hero you want to master. The best thing about this game is that you can play it online only. Sad for those who wanted or wants to play offline. I think you can play offline with bots only, and where’s the fun in that? I never played offline and sorry I did not even bother to check that out, let me know if anyone wants to know if it works offline in the comments section below.

Strategic Addictive Gameplay in Mobile Legends MLBB

Here comes the part where you will enjoy the most; the Awesome, strategic, exciting, fun, and quick gameplay of the 5v5 MOBA game: Mobile legends Bang Bang. So, you are ready to download and install but you do not know what to expect in the game. How to play, which hero to use for the first time. Or perhaps you might be wondering which hero to buy first. Let’s dive deep into the game and let me help you understand the game and heroes.

Battlefield of MLBB Mod Apk

Ever played chess before? No!! Well, today you will be playing more or less chess but with more vibrant colors instead of just black and white.  You see, the game has three lanes. One is called the safe lane (sorry, I am an old-school guy who use to play DOTA a lot) or nowadays it is known by many names, gold lane, tower lane, carry lane, bottom lane, and many more. This lane is typically used by Carrying players along with one or two supports if you are going for 1-1-3 lane formation; carry you ask? Well, carry is one or two heroes in-game who are damage dealers in the late games. Who can supposedly carry the team in the late game? The role of the players does matter, typically the marksmen and Assassin are the ones who carry the game for the team but it depends on multiple factors.

Then there is the mid lane or the middle lane, the lane which terrifies most newbies as it requires skills and constant moving here and there to avoid ambush from the sides of the lane. Typically, the mage or marksmen goes to this lane. This lane is usually for that hero who wants to get experience fast, as this lane is for the solo players, and who can deal tons of damage early game, which suits the traits of Mages. Marksmen can also benefit from this lane as they can level up fast and earn money to buy their gears. Mid lane is the shortest of all lanes.

Lastly, the Off lane, or nowadays they call it long lane, experience lane, and top lane. This lane is mostly used by Tanks and Fighters along with support depending upon your team lane formation strategy. In this lane the enemy team carries will be farming, so the purpose of fighter or tank is to absorb some damage along with it deal more damage leading towards the early kill, or we call it First Blood, Ah the sound of that still echoes. It all depends on skills and strategy along with the chemistry of players to get that sweet First Blood.


Mobile Legends Bang Bang





Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, MOBA

MOBA, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, is a combination or an abomination 😀 of RTS, RPG, Action, and Strategy genre games. Mobile Legends mod apk: Bang Bang is one of those MOBA that stand out from the crowd. I remember when my friend first told me, back in 2016, about this game and I installed it immediately because I left DOTA 2 back then because it took hours to find a single rank match. Whereas MLBB matchmaking was quick, and the game could end in literally in 10mins. But now as time passed the gameplay avg time has increased. That is the reason I still play Mobile legends on and off.

Now that we know what lanes are there, and which hero should go to which lane. We can now move to the epic fights that are happening in Land of Dawn. So, the objective of the match is to destroy the enemy team or opposing team’s ancient or artifact, which in other words is called the base. Not just that but in this time, you have to build your own gear and level up along with defending your own artifact. One more thing which I forgot was the jungle, this is the place where assassins or fighters farm on jungle monsters to gain experience and money. If done properly the chances of winning would be raised by many folds. As the jungler, the one who jungles, has the ability to ambush on the enemy mid laner or heroes inside lanes, depending upon which jungle you are in upper or lower.

Role of Heroes in Mobile legends Mod apk

There are six roles of heroes in Mobile legends Bang Bang MLBB. Following is the list of heroes with their descriptions and the lanes they should go to.

  •  Tanks  These are the damage absorbers or we can say are durable. Their sole purpose is to absorb damage from the enemy team and distract opponent damage dealers from killing your side carry hero. Their abilities are of have a bit long cooldown with quite a lot of damage. The abilities are typically not spam-able.
  •  Fighter  My most favorite role of all. These damage dealers’ purpose is to the jungle or even kill monsters in the enemy jungle and gear up and deal damage early till late game. Their abilities have less cooldown than tanks but more than mages. So, you can’t quite spam the damage. They can deal damage with their right-click also; I mean auto-attack.
  •  Assassins  These heroes are the ones who have burst physical damage. They are the weakest of all heroes’ roles due to high damage output just like mages. These are the ones who have to play games more strategically and tactically. Their purpose is to kill the weakest heroes in the enemy team, like Mages, some fighters, and Assassins along with support.
  •  Mage  The most overpowered heroes in every single MOBA out there, and most loved and hated role 😀 They are a pain in the ass. They spam spells that have high damage even from the beginning of the game. They have the high magic damage, no wonder why. 😀 They can easily kill squishy heroes like mages, and assassins with their ability’s combo, used for combination.
  •  Marksmen  My second Favorite role, they are pure damage if left alone and not bothered. They have the potential to rip the beefiest tank in 2 – 3 attacks. These ones are pure evil (‘-_-‘) But this comes with a downside and you guessed it right they are the most squishy like mages and assassins. They are ranged heroes and therefore preferred by newbies a lot.
  •  Support  As the name says it’s a support a utility hero, a babysitter for carrying in the safe lane, a roamer who roams here and there to help in other lanes heroes. They do not need money as other heroes need to build up. All they need is an experience so that they can spam their abilities and annoy the opposing team. This is also preferred for newbies as they are mostly range heroes.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Mod Apk


MLBB, Mobile legends mod apk Heros Unique abilities

As I mentioned earlier in the article there are 122 heroes in the Mobile legends mod apk. You can choose any hero you like. If you are new to this game most probably you would be going for range hero my it be marksmen or mage. The thing I loved about Moonton Mobile legends is that it created a hero with a full ability combination. You can literally use your ability combo alone and kill heroes. But keep in mind this is a very competitive game you would need to perform this combo strategically or you will die, or you can seek your teammate’s help.

When I started this game it had a smaller number of heroes, to choose from but they were creating heroes every week to increase the pool.  Now they have more than 100 heroes to choose from. The most interesting thing is you do not get some sort of abilities as heroes.

Graphics and Sound of MLBB Mod Apk

The day I played my first game I noticed one thing, the graphics look so familiar with league of legends, and they even filed a suit against MLBB, which LOL lost though. So, the graphics are really cool nice cartoonish sort. Looks nice gradually they started improving the graphics aspect also. I, recently after some time, reinstalled the game and they have done quite a nice job. I loved the User interface even better than the previous one.

The sound of the MLBB game is great as well. You can not complain, the sound quality is good, the voice-over in-game for the kills is really nice. Initially, I did not like it as I was used to DOTA 2 sound. You can not just expect every other game to be similar to the trendsetter. But again, I loved it in the end. 😀


MLBB Mod Apk





Moral of the game

Mobile legends mod apk teaches us many things. Foremost trusting in your allies, you really got to give them time so that they can do on their own. The second thing is compatibility with others, you can not expect that other players or people will be like you or will work according to you. Lastly the art of planning and executing the strategy. It is said a great plan be unsuccessful if you do not implement or execute the strategy properly.


My Views you already know, I simply love this game, mobile legends mod apk. Not just that I love the MOBA genre a lot. I was addicted to DOTA, DOTA 2, League of Legends, I even played HON, Arena of Valor, and many other games, But I was stuck with MLBB, mobile legends bang bang mod. It is just an awesome game, love it! Grab your game now by clicking the download button down below or you can check Google Play store Apk version as well. I would suggest playing with friends!




Regular updates

Regular updates for the latest android version

For Android users, frequent updates are present on that will provide your devices with all the latest android versions of Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

How to Download and Install Mobile Legends Mod Apk?

Here are simple steps to follow

  • Download mod apk game file from, link provided below
  • Once your download is completed copy the downloaded mod apk file and paste it into your android phone.
  • If you are downloading directly from the android phone, you may skip this and proceed to the next one.
  • Now go to the file manager of your phone and install the modded game.
  • While installing it may ask you to check the “Unknown source” in security settings to proceed.

Now enjoy the game, mobile legends mod apk, with 122 heroes, Fair and competitive gameplay, and Unique abilities.




Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a registered trademark of Moonton.


What are MOBA games?

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) is a subgenre of strategy games in which two teams are played as opponents with multiple teammates.

What is Mobile Legends Bang Bang?

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is a MOBA game, two opposing teams with 5 players. Both teams target to destroy the base of their enemy and at the same time defend their own base.

Where to download Mobile Legends Mod Apk?

There is no modified version or mobile legends mod apk. All you get from this game is Cool Heroes, Awesome Hero Abilities and non stop Strategic Gameplay from

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