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Monster Legends mod apk

Monster Legends Mod apk, a game to play for. 😀 I know it does not make any sense at all. But, hey I wrote it. Monster Legends apk is another unique game with mixed genres such as strategy and RPG. And unfortunately, it’s a turn-based RPG, which I hate. You will breed, feed, and train the little monsters to become a Monster that is on a rampage and makes you the best of best Monster Master in the battle arena. We will talk in this monster legends review, about who you are and what you will do to become a savage monster master of all time. Let’s Start!


Monster Legends Mod Apk

Additional Information Monster Legends

App NameMonster Legends mod apk
PublisherInfinite Mod Apk
Current Version13.1.4
Mod InfoWin 3 stars
RequirementsAndroid 4.1+
Size105.78 MB
Mod Apk FileMonster Legends Mod Apk
Google Play Store ApkMonster Legends


Mod Features
  • Get every win 3 stars in every single battle





Story of Monster Legends Mod apk

You are one of the newbies who is going to learn from the best Monster master, The Pandelf. A savage master who is on a rampage to create monsters that can lead him to victory in every battle. You will learn how to place the building from the shop and buy eggs from the hatchery and place the little monster in its habitat. We will discuss what habitat is later in the article. Afterward, you will feed your monsters and as they eat, they grow up or you can say level up and become stronger. The goal is to create a strong monster lineup that can wipe the enemy monster master monsters and lead you to victory. With this mod, Monster legends mod apk download, you can easily feed and win duels with 3 stars every single time.


Unique and interesting features of Monster Legends Mod apk

Play Online Monster Legends apk

Unfortunately, or fortunately, you can play Monster legends apk online only. You cannot play it offline, sad for those who wanted it to play offline. Hey, guys don’t be sad! You will have much more fun playing online, trust me. Playing all alone is boring sometimes, even for a troglodyte. So, connect to the internet and play as much as monster legends mod apk. Most importantly have fun!

Monster legends apk Addictive Gameplay

The addictive gameplay! I remember vividly when I use to play Mafia on Facebook. Oh yes, I am that old 😀 People use to play Farmville, and it had some sort of addiction that would not let you close your browser and sleep. Instead, you were collecting all the material over and over again. Such is the addiction to strategy games. Initially, you will be spending some time tapping and tapping so that you can collect the material and feed it to the dragons. Gradually the food you will be feeding will take quite a lot of time to harvest. So, your tapping time will reduce quite a lot.

Just like any other real-time strategy game, monster legend’s gameplay is very similar to RTS games. You will start off with a hatchery where you can buy eggs from different kinds of monsters. Then you will place those eggs in their habitats so that they can hatch and serve the true monster master. As you go along you will be creating different habitats for all sorts of monsters. That being said, monsters come in rarity written on their cards. There are six types of a rarity in this game. Starting from lowest to highest rarity, these are as follows C, UC, R, E, L, M.  We will discuss this later in the Monstagram section of the article.


Modded Monster Legends





Build Habitats for Monsters

So, the thing is, you are trying to become a savage monster master who would love to be on a rampage. But how can you become a monster master? Do not think too much my dear friend, all you got to do is, if you are genuinely interested in becoming a monster master, you need to build habitats for your monsters. Well, what habitats, you ask. Good question. It’s a place where your monster egg will hatch and where the monster will live its life. Now there are so many elemental monsters in this game, we will talk about how many monsters are there in monster legends unlimited everything. You would need a monster elemental habitat where it can live and grow up.

Well, there are basically ten elements in the world of monster legends unlimited everything. Starting with basic of all elements, Fire, Water, Nature, Magic, Metal, Light, Thunder, Dark, Earth and lastly Special. Special are the ones that are legendary.  Then there are many different elements that we will talk about in another post. For time being, basic elements would do the job. As you progress in monster legends unlimited everything you will get rare monsters with different elements.

Monstagram Unique Monsters in Monster Legends apk

What is Monstagram? Well, it’s a sort of Wikipedia of every single breed there is in the monster legends unlimited money and gems. See, there are more than 900 different monsters in monster legends with unlimited money and gems. I kid you not. To be precise it’s more or less 947 as of now, by the time you are reading this article maybe it has crossed 1000+ monsters already. That being said, there are many different elemental monsters that are strong against one element yet weak against another.  Like thunder is strong against water but weak against earth elements. You can check the image under this paragraph for better understanding and to check which element is strong and weak against which element.


Monster Legends everything


Moving on, monstagram shows you all the monsters you have unlocked so far. As I have been playing such games in past, I did not give that much time to unlock all the dragons. Most importantly I do not want you to beat the heck out of me and become a monster master 😀 😉 Apart from these things monstagram also shows the legends, which are kind of filters if you want to buy any specific type of abomination, I mean a combination, of a monster.  Then there is the Rarity filter where you can select which monsters are the rarest and what elements they possess. This whole process can speed up your search for that one monster that you will love like your baby.


There were six rarity types as mentioned earlier. The first one is C which stands for common monsters. These are usually the ones that are pure elemental. Like if you have a single element monster, say fire would be common. But if you breed two single elemental monsters, they might give birth to a UC. UC is an uncommon breed that may come with two or more two elements. Then there is R, rare. These monsters have 2 elements but the monster itself is rare to find. Then comes E, epic. These are very rare to breed. Moving forward to our fifth rarity L, which is a legendary monster, these monsters are in second place when it comes to damage. Lastly, there is M, Mythic as the name says it all these mean monsters are the strongest of all and its 5-star maximum level is 150.




Customization of Monsters in Monster Legends mod apk

The customization of monsters is really simple in monster legends unlimited money and gems. As you feed your monster, they grow up and the monster graphics are changed from the previous state. The more leveled your monster is bad and mean the monster looks you will get. Apart from that, you cannot customize your monster. Since we have established one thing that is Monster legends unlimited money and gems is a strategy game with RPG elements, you would be building up your base as well. The base you may call it consists of the hatchery, habitats for your monsters, and other buildings which you can have a look at from a shop button.

Breeding of Monster in Monster legends unlimited everything

Now comes the part where there is the most fun. Pervert, I was referring to discovering a new monster. You never know when you can find a high rarity monster. That’s the fun and amazing part of this game. You can literally experiment with every single breed you have in habitats if they are compatible with each other. But be vigilant as some monsters do not like to breed at all or some dragons have compatibility issues that won’t let you breed two different elements or maybe more different elements. Therefore, you need to check every monster couple there is, you never know which monster egg you get.


Monster legends unlimited money and gems


Strategy with Turn-based Role Playing Game (RPG)

We have discussed thoroughly enough what you will get in monster legends unlimited everything. Now comes the gameplay part of monster legends unlimited money and gems gameplay. So foremost it’s a strategy game where you will build up an army of monsters. Some common monsters and a few other legendary monsters. It is like chess; pawns are the ones who are the weaklings and are at the front line. Now, do not think that it would be like that, common or uncommon will be at the front, no not at all. You can place two to five in a single battle. You will take turns with your monsters one by one.

RPG is a Role-playing game where you have a role and need to progress in that role. Not just that you will be building up your monsters, the maximum level is 150. Each monster has its own level cap. Then there are stars. 1 star to 5 stars. This upgrade of monsters raises the stats of monster, their damage, defense, and other stats.

Face Realtime Multiplayer in Duels

With all the things we talked about in the article, you end up doing it right. Trust me you are halfway through to becoming a savage monster master. Who can go on a killing spree in duels with every win 3 stars rating, therefore, turning that killing spree into a mega kill and eventually rampage! So, how can you become the Monster Master of all times? Well, you will have to win the Battles and Duels. Duels are with real humans, so you would need a strategy along with fierce monsters. Without the mod, you can win all 3 stars.


Monster Legends Mod Apk


With Our Mod Apk

Well, you are in luck, my friend. We,, are providing you with the mod you love. That being said, you can get 3 stars for every battle you do in Adventures Map. Every time you play a Battle in Adventure Map you can get 3 stars battles unless you do not lose 😀 In the monster legends mod apk, you have the chance to earn more coins and food for your monsters so that you can train them hard and become a Monster Master.


ML Mod Apk





Graphics and Sound

Hmmm, the graphics of the game, monster legends mod apk, is definitely great to see, just like any other typical RTS game graphics. The building assets look really nice, likewise, the monsters look cute and high resolution. As far as Music is concerned the sound quality of monster legends unlimited money and gems is great, for example, the monster voices and the sound effects of the buildings sound nice.

Moral of the game

The moral of the game is, what can you learn? Well, it is a strategy game that can potentially teach you how to inter and kick someone at right time 😀 It only takes one shot to drop a man to his knees. To make it more interesting the game features a turn-based strategy that helps you prioritize your needs.


The verdict from Infinite mod apk. In short, we believe this game has every element in it to be a fun game. Monster legends mod apk has great graphics with nice sound and effects, above all we loved this game at you should try it also. With our MOD you can get for every win 3 stars. Now it’s your turn to download and start playing.

Download its Google Play Store Apk version<——Click Here





Regular updates

Regular updates for the latest mod apk for the android version

For Android users, frequent updates are present on that will provide your devices with all the latest mod apk for the android version of Monster Legends apk.

How to install Mod Apk?

Here are simple steps to follow

  1. Download the modded game file from
  2. Now that your download is completed, copy the downloaded mod apk file and paste it into your android phone.
  3. If you are downloading directly from the android phone, you may skip this and proceed to the next one.
  4. Now go to the file manager of your phone and install the mod apk file
  5. While installing it may ask you to check the “Unknown source” in security settings to proceed.

Now enjoy the game with our mod and get every win 3 stars battle.




Monster Legends is a registered trademark of Socialprint. 


What is Monster legends?

Monster Legends is a Turn-Based Strategy game with the element of RPG. Your goal is to become a top Monster Master!

How do monster legends breed?

You can breed different rarity and element monsters in the monster legends mod apk. New and exciting monsters await. You have to experiment and check if one monster is compatible with another for breeding.


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