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Shadow Fight 2 mod apk

Shadow Fight 2 mod apk is one game I have not played a lot. But someone I know played it quite a lot. He uses to play this game without the mod apk version of the game. I tried this game and loved it. I have been playing since my childhood these fighting games. That being said, fighting games such as Tekken, Street Fighter, and even WWF wrestling 😀 I do not even remember now which part of the Street fighter game I played first. Moreover, Shadow fight 2 comes with all the elements of RPG (Role Playing Game) and Classic Fighting games like I mentioned above. Along with it, Shadow Fight 2 has a large array of lethal weapons that you can use to kill demon bosses and eventually close the gates of shadows. Moving on, you will also need to buy rare armors which will help you become stronger.


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Additional Information Shadow Fight 2

App NameShadow Fight 2 Mod Apk
GenreAction, Fighting
PublisherInfinite Mod Apk
Current Version2.20.0
Mod InfoUnlimited money, coins and gems
RequirementsAndroid 4.4+
Size146 MB
Mod Apk FileShadow Fight 2 Mod Apk
Google Play Store ApkShadow Fight 2


Mod Features
  • Unlimited Money
  • Coins and Gems
  • Get Unlimited Energy
  • New Fighting Skills



Game Story of Shadow Fight 2 mod apk

The story of shadow fight 2 level 99 mod apk download no root begins with a warrior, who is known as the shadow. You will be playing the role of Shadow in the game. Well, you opened the gate of shadows, that was unfortunate. Now, now do not beat up yourself it was an accident. In the process, you ended up opening the gate of shadow, and six of the demons came into your world which made you a 2d silhouette, the shadow. Now you must equip yourself with lethal weapons rare armors and fight with the demon bosses and their bodyguards. Only then you will get your physical form. The game was developed after the smash hit of Shadow fight on Facebook. Shadow Fight 2 was developed back in 2012 and was first soft-release in 2013. Officially it was released on the Android platform in 2014.

As mentioned above, shadow fight 2 max level is a mixture of two well know games genres. One is RPG, where your role is of a forgotten warrior who was transformed into shadow form. You need to grow yourself by equipping yourself with lethal weapons, armors and learn new martial arts techniques to defeat the demon bosses and their bodyguards. Another being, Classic 2v2 fighting, while you fight you will be performing lifelike martial arts techniques that are animated to create an awesome gaming experience, more on that later. Let’s Start off with our in-depth shadow fight 2 game review.


shadow fight 2 level 99 download no root



Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk Features

Minimalistic lifelike Gameplay of Shadow Fight 2 mod apk

So, I told you quite in detail what all fuss is about 😀 Now comes the gameplay of shadow fight 2 mod apk. Hmm, you started off your journey from a weak competitor named Kenji, then you start to build up your reputation. Your Sensi is there to help you out at every turn.  The game mechanics are really awesome. The fighting mechanism is great as well. The fights you do are lifelike martial arts techniques. But, one thing is for sure, there is a lag or maybe my low-end phone does not perform well while I was fighting. I have played fighting games a lot, on mobile, android or iOS, and PC platforms. But never had this sort of issue. I will check this on a better phone perhaps it would help resolve the issue.


Shadow Fight 2 max level


You will be playing in a 2d environment, the map. The shadow warrior and your opponents, even the demon bosses, all are 2d silhouettes. That is something unique and new in this game, which enhances the gameplay experience of the user and also aesthetically looks really awesome. Do not get me wrong, I love 3d games like street fight or Tekken. But when you play something for so long, you just get bored. So, when I first played Shadow Fight 2, I loved it, it was like love at first fight 😀

As you start off with your first fight you will see a mark on the map with the name Lynx. He is one of the demon bosses. First you will fight with its bodyguard, but then there is one bodyguard who is at an insane level. You can not beat him with bare hands, trust me. You need to equip yourself with lethal weapons as you wield dual weapons.

Shadow Fight 2 max level – Fight and Rise

Alright, so far, we have discussed the introduction of Shadow Fight 2 and the story, and what the real fuss is about. Moreover, we talked about some lethal weapons you will get in the game. Moving on to the fights with demon bosses and their bodyguards. That being said, you will need energy for every fight you do with your opponent. The maximum energy you can use is five. One fight consumes one energy, and every fight has two rounds. If you are defeated two in a row the fight is over and if you win two in a row you will win the fight. In either case, you will consume one energy per fight. So the maximum number of fights you can do is five.

Now, what happens when you consumed all 5 energies? You cannot fight anymore. You have to rest till your energy is refilled. But thanks to Shadow fight mod apk you do not need to rest; you can buy as many energies as you want as you will be having unlimited gems. Energy can be bought with gems only or it will refill itself with the passage of time. Moreover, the game also enables users to use magic play and enchant the lethal weapons and other gears, more on that later.


Shadow Fight 2 max level image



Customization in Shadow Fight 2 mod apk

In shadow fight 2 level 99 mod apk download no root you have elements of customization as well. To perform better lifelike martial arts techniques, you would need to upgrade yourself. The element you will find for customizations is buying lethal weapons more on that later, to rip off your opponents, unfortunately, you can not literally rip off your opponent like we use to do in Mortal Kombat fatality. When you win, your opponent will lie down on the ground as if he or she is in submission. Well, moving on to our customization. In shadow fight 2 mod apk titan you will be buying new rare armors. So that you can increase your defense as you defeat demon bosses. You will be laying their bodies to the ground and crushing their pride to the dust.

Now that you bought some new puny lethal weapons and armors, that won’t just do the job as well. You see, you need to learn new lifelike martial arts techniques to perform those awesome moves like in the image below. 😉 Not just that you will also need to buy the Helmets, you have to protect your 2d silhouette head you know 😀

Shadow Fight 2 weapons

Ah, the wide range of lethal weapons of shadow fight 2 weapons. You just can not go wrong with weapons as they can make or break you to your knees. No kidding, you got to have the best lethal weapons for your fights even with the bodyguards. You can find any sort of weapon you like in Shadow fight 2 weapons, from single-hand swords to dual-hand wielding Sai or Machetes. I loved Blood reaper as it reminds me of the god of war blades of chaos. Loved that game ever since it was released. Played till god of war 2 as my appetite for console games was fulfilled I could not play any further. Hope to buy a new PS and maybe I can play this beloved game series of all times. Shadow Fight 2 weapons, as the upgrades come along you might even get new powerful weapons.

Unlimited Gems and Coins

So, you wanted to download shadow fight 2 max level. But, end up here yea? My dear reader not to worry, I will make it worthwhile for you. With this mod apk game file, you will get unlimited gems and unlimited coins at your disposal. You can buy all the weapons that can be bought with gems or with coins. Not just that, you need to have gems and coins to buy new rare armors and helmets to beef yourself up. We have talked in great length about the shadow fight 2 weapons in the above paragraph, so now that you know what you will get when you download shadow fight 2 mod apk. You can buy all the stuff you can from gems and coins.


Unlimited money coins gems



Unlimited Energy for Fights

Alright, now that you know that you need energy for the fights, as discussed in some detail in Shadow Fight 2 max levelFight and Rise paragraph above. Maximum 5 energies are there for you to use to fight with demon bosses and their bodyguards. If you run out of energies you need to buy the gems, and then buy energy with them. But thanks to our mod apk file, you can buy all the energies with unlimited gems and unlimited coins. Well, now that you know that you can buy energy when you won’t stop reading and download the Shadow fight 2 mod apk.


Graphics and Sound

The game has really minimalistic graphics I have seen, well not counting the Minecraft mod apk 😀 It is one game that has pixelated graphics which can not let other games win over minimalistic graphics. 😀 Moving on, the battle maps artwork is really amazing. I loved the simplicity of the game, as I mentioned earlier love at first fight. When the loading screen appears, you can actually see the opponents’ characters in real form. When I say real form that means the non-silhouette form that is the physical form. But your Hero has remained a shadow till the end, and there is no way you can see his real physical form.

Now comes the sound part, my readers by now know that I do not listen to games music that much as sometimes it gets irritating. Honestly, I have heard starting music of the game and it was quite pleasant. While you fight with your opponent, the music is quite dynamic. The texture, and tempo of the music in the fights is really awesome. The game starts with typically Chinese music and then that is mashed up with rock which did not even break the tempo or dynamics of music. Keeping the texture of the music awesome. Honestly, I did love the music.

Moral of the game

This game teaches us that no matter what evil loses in the end. This game can potentially teach you some real martial arts techniques which you never know can come in handy. If someone bullies you show him some Shadow Fight 2 martial art techniques, he will not bother you ever again. 😉




Concluding the article for Shadow Fight 2 mod apk.  This game is packed with really awesome gameplay, Music, and Graphics. It’s on your shoulders to defeat the demon bosses with all the legendary shadow fight 2 weapons. You are destined to become a Shadow Fighter who uses magic powers and makes your opponent submit. I hope you love our Shadow Fight 2 review and love our Unlimited money mod for the game. I look forward to the next blog post on some other game. 😊

Download its Google Play Store Apk version<——Click Here

Regular updates

Regular updates for the latest android version

For Android users, frequent updates are present on that will provide your devices with all the latest android versions of Shadow Fight 2.


How to install?

Here are simple steps to follow

  1. Download the game mod apk file from
  2. Once your download is completed copy the downloaded mod apk file and paste it into your android phone.
  3. If you are downloading directly from the android phone, you may skip this and proceed to the next one.
  4. Now go to the file manager of your phone and install the mod apk game file.
  5. While installing it may ask you to check the “Unknown source” in security settings to proceed.

Now enjoy the Shadow Fight 2 mod apk game with Unlimited Money.



Shadow Fight 2 is a registered trademark of Nekki. 

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