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Stick War Legacy mod apk Introduction’

Stick war legacy mod apk is one of those games which you would hate to play but will enjoy regardless of many things it lacks. For starters, the game’s graphics are not that good, which will discuss in the graphics of the game section. Moreover, there are quite elements that you would surely love like customization of your army. Talking about the army, do you know stick war legacy has 7 types of soldiers in the game you can see in action. Furthermore, you need to buy their gears for different abilities. Thanks to our mod apk you can enjoy unlimited gems so that you can buy the gear upgrades and other abilities that are helpful in defeating the enemy. More on the gameplay later in this blog post. Apart from these you also get to see giants in action, oh yes! Big dam stick giants!

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Additional Information Stick War Legacy

App NameStick War Legacy Mod Apk
GenreStrategy, Action
PublisherInfinite Mod Apk
Current Version2022.1.91
DeveloperMax Games Studio
Mod InfoUnlimited Gems
RequirementsAndroid 4.4+
Size103 MB
Mod Apk File Link Stick War Legacy Mod Apk
Google PlaystoreStick War Legacy


Mod Features

  • Unlimited Gems





Game Story of Stick War Legacy game

Stick war legacy mod apk was published by the online website publisher known as Max Games. This game was developed by the max games studios and was released on the android platform on October 30th of 2015. Ever since that day the game grabbed the attention of many kids and casual gamers. Stick wars legacy is currently downloaded over 100 million and with over 2.3 million reviews on Google Playstore.  What are some crazy numbers yea! For a game that totally sucks at the graphics area. :d I honestly did not like the graphics considering the max games studio had already earned a hell of money but did not improve the graphics. That is quite sad. I did enjoy a few games for the purpose of this blog post.

Moving on toward the story of the game you are the leader of nations who does not worship weapons, unlike other nations. Other nations think that their weapons are their gods and they started worshiping their weapons. Your nation is the only one that does not, that makes you weak in front of them. The best way to defeat them is to attack before they do and grab their all weapons technology and unite all the technology under your nation’s flag!

Game Features of Stick War Legacy Mod Apk

Stick War Legacy mod apk Addictive Gameplay

Hmmm, the gameplay of a game is based on a series of sticks and stickers. Stick war legacy mod apk is a very famous game that I do not need to introduce to you, gamers. Honestly speaking when I installed the stick war legacy game on my pc I was like seriously? I thought it would be having the sticks literally. But it turns out to be even worst than I thought 😀 nonetheless, I still played the game, because I love you guys. I am here to write blog posts for your gamers. 😉 As they say for gamers by gamer! Moving on towards the gameplay of the Stick wars legacy. Tip for starting out the game with our mod, as you would be having unlimited gems, you should click shop before playing the game. There, at the shop, you need to buy as many abilities you want.


stick war legacy modgame image




Moreover, you can also buy giants with the gems. I would recommend you buy these giants so that you can play the game on an insane level from start and defeat the enemy. The gameplay is a mixture of two to three genres. Like it’s a strategy game with the element of RPG and you would be controlling the army like in RTS games. Then there is a customization you can do for the individual soldiers and your Statue, in other words, your ancient or base. We will discuss in-depth later in the customization section. You will start off with a miner who will mine the gold near your statue. You need to build an army and destroy the enemy before they bring havoc on your base. The giants I talked about earlier, you can drop as soon as the abilities button is activated in-game and let your wrath begin!

Nations Weapons Technology

There are seven stick characters that you can play in stick war legacy mod apk. The names are as follows:

Miners “Gold Please”

We all know who the miners are and what they do. They are the ones who do the hard work so that you can get gold and train more soldiers for your army.

Swordwrath “Limbs will sever at mere sight”

This nation is the one that believes that their glory and fame belongs to the swords they forge. Well, let them believe what they want to you are there to get that sword technology.

Archidon “They will fall before they get chance to stand up”

These are the ones who believe that the bow and arrow is the only weapon that can make their nation strong. So, they keep practicing with arrows and became world-renowned archers. Get this bow and arrow technology also and create an army whose likes have never been seen by any other nation before.

Spearton “Born to die, but not before them!”

The speartons are the brave soldiers of Spearta 😀 where they only make spears and roam around more than half-naked, only with underpants 😀 This is SPARTA!

Magikill “Today we Summon Unity”

Overpower Arcane powers at their disposal. Magikill’s believes that magic is the way to live and worship. They are the most, I would say only, magicians in the town. As other nations are busy with their own weapons you won’t find any magikill in any nation except yours.

Giant “I Big Club Swing”

The giants are the ones who will tank for you. They are the muscles and beef that can absorb tons of damage and also deals a heck of damage. They can do massive bonus damage to your enemies if you control them manually.






The most loved part of the stick war legacy mod apk, is the customization of the stick soldiers or stick man. There are tons of things you can buy for customization. I loved this part of the game honestly. Ok, let’s start what you can expect when you reach this section of the game. Foremost, the name they used for this is skins and shop. When you click the skins button in the main menu, you will be taken to the shop area where you can buy the skins for the soldiers. Well, you might be thinking skins? Huh… Yes, they the skins a.k.a “Gears or armors and weapons”. Every skin has its own unique ability. It is obvious the more expensive the skin the better it is.


stick war legacy modgame customization


Some skins will provide necromancy powers, and summon undead others will provide you with increased health and attack power. Aesthetics or cosmetics of the armors and legendary lethal weapons are nice, even when you see it in the shop and once the sticks wars are fought. You can buy any skin for an individual soldier. The strategy here is to make a combination that brings down havoc on the enemy, for example, archidon can use poison skins and spearton can use necromancy skins so that when they die they can become undead. You can create your own strategy; not like you need one when you have giants at your disposal, not just one but hundreds of them. But keep in mind that you need to buy hundreds of giants with gems. Otherwise, you would only be eating the dust of your enemy.

You will need to upgrade your statue also which also provides some cosmetics to the statue as well along with some power stats to your nation as a whole, many aspects you can enjoy.





Graphics and Sound

Graphics of Stick War Legacy game

Ah, the part I intentionally tried never to reach. Yes, you can say I have some biases towards the goods graphics of the games. But when some developer or publisher is earning bucks and never thought of investing in elements that make gamers happy then my friend, they are greedy capitalists. The game is a mere illustration based totally, even Super Mario has better graphics than this game. No details of any sort can be found when it comes to the environment. Moreover, cosmetics are not that good either. Yes, I liked it comparing other aspects of the game the skins are far better.

You can clearly see the graphics of the game from the gameplay images above and under this section. I liked spearton though because who does not like Spartans? True, yea? Moving on, the amazing graphics of this stick war legacy mod apk gives me nightmares now I am facing insomnia 😀


stick war legacy modgame graphics


Music of Stick War Legacy mod apk

So, we came so far that it is almost time to finish the blog post for stick wars legacy. Well, the music was the only thing I liked about this game. Especially when you win the match and the horn is blown that is a funny and really nice sound effect. Clever suckers there in max games studios. It is also kids intended game but with some gore and violence and blood. But the music is really nice to hear you won’t get bored. The battles sound effects are also nice, the clings and clangs of the swords and arrows fired all sound was really nice to hear. The music is a mix of tribal and harmoniums like you are a pirate and sailing through seas and are in the Arabian seas.

Moral of the game

Alright, the moral of the game section for stick war legacy mod apk, it’s quite difficult to comprehend something which only has a fight in it. But yes, you can say that it does provides you a little bit of brainstorming when you are placing the enemies in real-time. But then again, you are using our mod which provides you the unlimited gems so that you can buy giants and finish the games within 3 minutes. Well, this is because they are slow as slugs. But you can beat this time as well, if you buy Summon the elites from the shop. You can drop them like 4 speartons and 4 architons with a single button. This way you can finish quite early. I’ll give it a try now! And let you know if this works well, keep in mind I am playing on insane difficulty.

Well even though I was writing this blog post and summoned the elites four times I still manage to finish it in 2 minutes. Let’s do one rounder and I will let you know how fast can we end the game if you use this strategy. Well yes, you can finish it under one minute also. I did above one minute as I lost count of how many times, I summoned the elites. The proof is down below. 😉








My say, our verdict, last words, كلماتنا الأخيرة, ang ating mga huling salita, हमारे अंतिम शब्द, are that Stick war legacy mod apk is no doubt one of the most downloaded games in the android platform from Google Playstore, yet I think it’s not that much of a game in terms of spending time and even more so the money. Yet it is an enjoyable game if you only want to kill the time when you are dying of boredom. Games have some of the elements which make it a good game. The gameplay and the sound effects are quite funny to hear. Rest graphics sucks. Moreover, if you want to download and play the Google Play Store Apk version <—– click Here.




Regular updates

Regular updates for the latest android version

For Android users, frequent updates are present on that will provide your devices with all the latest android versions of Stick War Legacy.

How to install?

Here are simple steps to follow

  1. Download mod apk game file our site Infinite Mod Apk
  2. Once your mod apk download is completed copy the downloaded mod apk file and paste it into your android phone.
  3. If you are downloading directly from the android phone, you may skip this and proceed to the next one.
  4. Now go to the file manager of your phone and install the mod apk game file.
  5. While installing mod apk game file the popup may ask you to check the “Unknown source” in security settings to proceed.

Now enjoy the game with Unlimited Money and Diamonds Gems and Max Level.

Stick War Legacy is a registered trademark of Max Games Studios. 



How to hack stick war legacy unlimited gems?

You can hack stick war legacy unlimited gems with our mod. Our mod apk comes with unlimited gems for you to enjoy. Download now and kill your enemy!

How to download stick war legacy?

All you need to do is click the download button above and download the mod apk version of the game. If you want to play the Google Playstore version, click on text.

Is stick war legacy on android?

Yes, Stick War legacy is on android devices and you can also play to its full potential with our Stick war legacy mod apk.

Is stick war legacy-free?

Yes, Stick War Legacy is free to play game.

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