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Subway surfers mod apk

Huuh, huuuh, hhuuh, hhhhuuhhh, huhuhuh, run my friend run its subway surfers mod apk! Oh, yea! You all know what that is, and we know you have been waiting for this one for some time now. Well, my dear reader, we are today going to provide you with a subway surfers review and hack. This game has been here for a decade now, yet people can’t get enough of it. GGWP (good game well played).  You can easily download the subway surfers mod apk with a button down below. GLHF (good luck have fun)


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Additional Information Subway surfers

App NameSubway Surfers Mod Apk
GenreArcade, Endless Runner
PublisherInfinite Mod Apk
Current Version2.35.1
DeveloperSYBO Games
Mod InfoUnlimited Money, Keys and Boosters
RequirementsAndroid 5.0+
Size164.07 MB
Mod Apk LinkDownload Subway Surfers Mod Apk
Google Play Store ApkSubway Surfers
Mod Features
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Endless Keys
  • Unlimited Boosters



Game story of Subway surfers mod apk

Huuh, huh, huhhuuh, hhhhuu, phuuuu, well my friend, I was not running but counting the years this game has come so far. With more than 10 years on this game, still, hundreds of millions of players play the game. Well, you can google it out, no kidding. I did play this for quite a while, but I moved on to the more competitive games, such as MOBA. Still, I play such indie games 😀 Ah, yea the story of subway surfers mod apk. Where to begin? Hmmm, the story is there is this boy, named Jake, who loves to do vandalism 😀 and he can’t get enough of that. But there is a policeman along with his dog who starts chasing Jake. This is how it all starts. If you are interested you can download subway surfers from the button down below or above, your choice.



Unique and interesting features of Subway surfers mod apk

Play Online and Offline Subway surfers mod apk

You can play subway surfers mod apk online and offline. There is a difference when we typically say play online. Typically, we assume online means playing with other humans. Whereas, in Subway surfers apk mod, online means that your score will compete against other humans. As there is a leaderboard in this game, your top run will be displayed there if you ever end up beating any top runner score. GLHF! You never know when you can do your best and beat that top guy on the leaderboard. So, yes in a sense you are playing games online 😀 but to be completely honest, actually, you only play offline and then the data is synced with servers. I guess I solved the mystery 😀 Convinced? Download now the subway surfers from the button above or down, whichever you like. 😊

Subway surfers mod apk Addictive Gameplay

Huuh, hhhhhuuuuuu, huh, huuuh, third time is always the charm 😀 So my fav part of the article came, at last! Well, the thing is subway surfers apk mod belongs to a subgenre known as an endless runner. There has been quite a lot of endless runner games. It all started with temple run, but then came subway surfers. Though it was not an instant hit like Temple run, this new kid started to create its name in its genre. It was then when temple run name started to fade away in the pages of history, this kid remains steadfast, holding its position, and today after a decade of endless running Subway surfers apk mod came out to be a winner.

The above mentioned a fraction, of subway surfers endless runner game, history shows how addictive gameplay is. Many names came in the endless runner game genres, such as Temple Run, Canabalt, Jetride, and many more. So, as I have told you guys how it all starts, with a single tap on your mobile screen Jake will start running. You will be running forever, saving yourself from oncoming trains. Moreover, you are getting chased by the policeman and his dog. So, one single wrong move and you get caught.


subway surfers addictive gameplay image



As you start your first run, you will collect coins. You will have to complete missions or you have the option to use your coins and buy the mission which is hard for you to complete. Then there are achievements as you progress through your game, you will be unlocking these and get the rewards such as coins and keys. Moreover, you have the upgrades which you need to upgrade if that makes any sense. There are four powers that need upgrades Jetpack, Super Sneakers, Coin Magnet, and 2x Multiplier.

Events in Subway Surfers Hack

Once you are addicted to subway surfers hacks, you start to explore different things. While you are on a hunt, you will find the events tab. There are some daily events which you need to fulfill in order to get rewards. Rewards such as keys, coins, boosters, multipliers, and many more things depend upon the city season they have at that time. Subway Surfers hack will surely be a fun game for you if you love endless running games.


events in subway surfers image


Saving yourself in subway surfers apk mod

As mentioned above if you move a wrong move once in subway surfers mod apk and you get stuck, you are done. GGWP, game over, you are caught. But that’s the fun part, you start over again. So how can you save yourself in subway surfers apk mod? Well, if you come across an incoming train, you need to change track, go left or right. Then there are hurdles that are static. When you come across a hurdle that has an opening underneath you need to slide under it, and if the lower section of the hurdle is closed you need to jump over it.  You will need to upgrade boosters so that you can earn more coins. Moreover, you will need to increase the multiplier as well. That being said, download subway surfers now! Enjoy the latest city run in subway surfers apk mod

Customization of characters subway surfers mod apk

Subway surfers mod apk comes with some elements of character customization. You get alternate skins for some characters that you can choose to change whenever you like changing. There is not much customization in this game as this game belongs to endless running games, such category does not offer customization at all. As an example, you can check the temple run. See, we talked about how far this game has come, a decade long of endless running. This in itself is proof of why subway surfers stood apart from other endless running games. Small multiple factors such as customization, and bringing new cities with different aesthetics of cities all contributed to its success. Even now as of January of 2022 this game has over 100 million users per month. GGWP!


subway surfers hack customiation



Cool surfboards with abilities in Subway surfers mod apk

There are more than 25 boards in the game. Hmm, considering the ten years of subway surfers mod apk I would say they suck at generating ideas when it comes to boards. How hard it is to build 100 boards in ten years’ time? Seriously I was disappointed when I counted the hoverboards in subway surfers hack. As a professional graphic designer also, I can tell that the amount of space surfboards require is not that much. Even if it does consume space, users love to see the options. SYBO games should consider increasing the boards. I think they just release boards as any city season comes along. Well, I hope in the future someone in the team will think of giving the options. Innovations such as these make

Leader Boards

I told you in the Play online and offline section of the article that you can play online. There are leader boards in subway surfers apk mod which allows you to compete against the world’s top players. You can check the score of the top runner and you can try to beat him. Once you beat that guy’s score your name will appear on the leaderboards. Keep in mind that there are regions in subway surfers where you can reach the top. Like I play in USA region. There are many regions in subway surfers hack that you can play in.


download subway surfers leaderboards


Graphics and Sound

Let’s talk about graphics first. I would not say that the subway surfers hack has great graphics but neither would I say it has bad ones. This game is more of an indie game, even though two studios collaborated and developed this game. The looks seem to be similar to those of indie games. Ever since I first played this game back in the days when I use to play mobile games a lot, the graphics remains the same to this date. SYBO games need to think over this thing also if they want this game to see another decade or so. The graphics are cartoonish which honestly are not bad. But there should be an improvement.

The music is nice. The quality of the music is good. After a very long time, I played the Cairo city season and the Arabian music with the touch of modern music sounds really great. Some of the sound effects are close to reality, for example, the sound of paint bottle spray while shaking. The sound I did not like at all is the running sound. I mean how can something like that even relate to the sound of running? Even if a person is wearing a sneaker. I tried once or twice listening to that sound really close but honestly, the sound is not of running at all.

With our Mod Apk

If you are still reading this article, big applause. 😀 well, if you made it this far my dear reader, then let me tell you what our mod apk file will provide you. You will get unlimited coins to buy stuff that can be bought with coins. Moreover, you will get the keys that are required to unlock things that coins can’t buy such as new characters and their alternate avatar. Moving on, you will also get an unlimited head start booster so you need not worry about the coins to buy a head start booster. In nutshell, you will get unlimited everything that in-game currencies have to offer. So, what are you waiting for now? Hit that button download subway surfer hack and get unlimited everything.


unlimited money, coins, keys and boosters



Moral of the game

It has been quite a while since I published an article on games. So today I thought why not write an article or two on games. Just to keep my morale high 😀 I will share the moral of the game with you guys. What can you expect from this game? Well, potentially you can learn to control your anger if you channel your energy towards focusing. Another thing you can pick up from this game is dedication, well I can’t say when you have every in-game currency 😀 It can spoil you 😉 but honestly, it can help you become a focused person if you keep trying. As they say, try, try and you will succeed.


So, in the last part of our article, time to part ways my dear reader. This game is one of the highly addictive games in endless running games. If it, wasn’t it would not have made a 10-year-long journey? Moreover, there are some graphics and customization issues that SYBO games need to address if they still want this game to see the dawn of a new era where web 3.0 is a thing. Let’s just wait and see if this game gets some huge upgrade in terms of graphics and customization options. I do look forward to this upgrade perhaps I might start actually playing this game again. I hope you guys enjoyed today’s article. If you have any suggestions feel free to contact us. Now simply smash your cell phones, tap the Download subway surfers hack button and enjoy unlimited everything, coins, keys, boosters, and much more.

Download its Google Play Store Apk <—— Click Here



Regular updates

Regular updates for the latest android version

For Android users, frequent updates are present on that will provide your devices with all the latest android versions of Subway Surfers.

How to install Subway Surfers Mod Apk?

Here are simple steps to follow

  1. Download the mod apk game file from
  2. Once your download is completed copy the downloaded mod apk file and paste it into your android phone.
  3. If you are downloading directly from the android phone, you may skip this and proceed to the next one.
  4. Now go to the file manager of your phone and install the mod apk game file.
  5. While installing it may ask you to check the “Unknown source” in security settings to proceed.

Now enjoy the game with Unlimited Coins, Keys, and Boosters.



Subway Surfers is a registered trademark of SYBO Games. 


What is the subway surfers apk mod?

Subway Surfers Apk Mod is a modded version of the original game. Here you can get unlimited everything including Money, coins, keys, boosters, and much more.

What is the highest score in Subway Surfers?

The highest score until now is achieved by Karim Mayur which is 2,000,001,660

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