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Bitlife Mod Apk

Hi there, peeps. How’s life rolling? Today we will be talking and reviewing BitLife mod apk. A game genre we have been playing since childhood. The most famous game you can think of in this genre let us know! I can tell you one, The Sims! Ah, the good old days 😊 The BitLife is a life simulation game that teaches us many things as we grow old. At every step, we will be making choices as in real life we do. The best part is that every choice has its own consequences which our character will be facing. Bear in mind that this game is text-based so do not expect many graphics here. Let’s begin with the BitLife latest version review.


BitLife Mod Apk

Additional Information BitLife-Life Simulator

App NameBitLife Mod Apk
PublisherInfinite Mod Apk
Current Version3.1.5
DeveloperCandywriter, LLC
Mod InfoUnlocked All
RequirementsAndroid 4.4+
Size110.14 MB
Mod Apk File BitLife Mod Apk
Google PlaystoreBitLife-Life Simulator



Mod Features
  • Unlocked All
  • Bitizenship





Game Story of Bitlife

Well, we all know how it all starts. Or do you want me to tell you the whole story from the start? So here it is, how it starts. With tiny miny thingy reaches an egg and life is produced. 😀  So, in bitlife apk you will be born but with some other name or gender, obviously you will be choosing that. Moving on further into the game, you will start off as an infant who is happy and healthy but unfortunately not smart. That’s a shocker yea? 😀

We will be discussing the BitLife game in depth in the gameplay, for now, we will continue with the story of the game. In this BitLife latest version of the game, you will be adding age to yourself. By tapping Add age button a year will pass like a snap. Is it not the reality now? Years pass by in a blink of an eye. By the time this post is published, it will be the end of this year 2021! Happy new year in advance fellas.

From infancy, you will grow up to a toddler and from there you will become a moody teenager. Who thinks he or she knows everything? But in fact, has no idea what lies ahead. Well by then you start to understand the world and the relationships around you. Before this age, you only knew your Mother, Father, and an old brother or sister, and a pet 😊 As you move on in life and make some choices you start to see the consequences of those choices. It could be you snitched your brother or sister and mommy scolded you.


BitLife Mod Apk


Life in Bitlife is very simple, you spend quality time with people around you and do good stuff as your parents told you. You will do good in the future. But, hey, what if I am a bad boy 😉 Well no one will stop you from being bad. You see in bitlife apk you will be making choices. And those choices will carve the destiny of yours in the future.





Unique and interesting features of BitLife Mod Apk

Play Online and Offline

BitLife Apk is an offline game but there are some aspects that are online, which we will be discussing in a moment. The game is basically offline play where you will be aging yourself with a single tap and one year will fly by. Regarding gameplay and how to play this game, we will guide you in the gameplay section of this article. The aspect we were talking about, the one that is online, is there are events that are life and have deadlines, like 2 days or so.

Main Menu of BitLife Mod apk

Let’s Talk about the tons of options you have in BitLife apk mod. Once you open your main menu you will notice a few words, as we mentioned earlier that this game is text-based, I would say not a few words but a lot of words. You will see the option of starting a new life if you get bored of this one. Or if you are so tired of being a human you can also start Bitlife as a Dog. Well, that’s new, but not for me. Do you remember Spore? I bet you do!

Moving on with the menu, next you will see the save Life option and also lives in progress. Further down into the rabbit hole, we find the Collectibles heading which consists of Accessories, which are used by your avatar. Accessories such as glasses, hats, etc. Then there are achievements you achieve in the game.  Deep down in Bitlife apk menu, you will find careers, challenges, heirlooms, and ribbons. And this is just the beginning of the long list of headings and subheadings which you will be exploring. If you like me to tell you all about the menu, drop the comments below and I will write another article on this for you guys. 😊


Simulator game


Addictive Gameplay BitLife Mod Apk

Hmmm, the gameplay. I wouldn’t say the gameplay for text-based games but rather tapping instructions only. But yea, Bitlife latest version has addictive gameplay. You will be tapping on and on to make your teachers happy, you never know what means you will be using to make them happy. Apart from that, you will have friends also, as you reach elementary school then high school and college or university. Or maybe none of this can also happen, what if you are dropped out of school. Yea, that can happen also.

The user interface of the game is quite simple, we will discuss this in graphics and sound down below. You will tap the plus sign with the age written in a circle. This one tap in BitLife- Life simulator is like one year. Now you have to make the most out of one year. Either you want to strengthen your relationships or not? Not just in your home but also at school and workplace. There is a list of professions you can choose from. Well, there are like 154 careers in the game that you guys can play. That’s quite a lot I say.

On the right side of the Age, the button is for relationships, which consist of Parents, siblings, pets, and friends. Friends from elementary school till university. Not just that, colleagues at work and perhaps that loved one which you dream to spend life with and produce another small bitizen.  You have to tap every single person and interact with him or her as we do in real life. As Bitlife mod apk is a life simulation game you will see loads of similarities between in-game and real-life we spend.


Latest simulator game





Interaction is an essential part of our life so you will be complimenting others, flirting, spending time with them, having a conversation, giving gifts to them, or maybe you are a bad boy you have the liberty to insult anyone. You can go to a party with your friends or siblings. You can also unfriend your friends or have simple conversations or watch youtube or movies in the theater. There is so much to do in this game. No wonder why

Further to the right side, you will see three dots with text Activities. This is the place where you will be performing different activities like Working on self-improvement, and getting a pet. You can buy accessories here, can adopt a child, play casino, or even commit a crime. Fair warning, you might end up in jail if you are consistently doing crimes 😀 Then there is doctor, Identity, lawsuits, Licenses, lottery, Movies, Nightlife, Rehab, Plastic surgery, salon and spa, shopping, social media, vacation, and the list goes on and on. Rest of the list you should explore yourself. 😉

To the left side of the age button in Bitlife, the most used button is colored in orange with an icon on it. It will change its text based on your age. Let’s say you just started your Bitlife mod apk game, it would say Infant Then comes school when you reach that age. Until you reach university age, after your High School. Along the way, you can start your own freelance gig and earn some money for yourself. Once you are out of university, you will be hunting job or try to do something more productive such as marriage and making babies 😀

Careers in BitLife Mod Apk

There are more than 154 careers to choose from. I started off as a good behavior boy but then I made choices that lead to prison. It’s also fun to be there. My game character was sentenced to 5 years due to drug trafficking. There is whole another life in prison. You can do a job; you can bully someone or even kill someone. Try using uppercut to throat 😀 Well, eventually I was out of prison. But I was unemployed and with no fancy education, I thought of starting a special career in sports and applied for an American football club they laughed at me and hung up the phone. The choices I made led me there, as I never bother to keep my body in shape and healthy.


BitLife Apk


So, I decided that I should choose a career that suits my traits, now the question was what a man could do if he had killed a boy in elementary school, who did drug trafficking. When I was sentenced for the first time in 5 years, I made an inmate my friend and killed a man or two in prison with a quick uppercut and kick to the throats of the victim. Now with this history and credentials who would hire me? Then it came to me, I am born to lead an Organized Crime. So, I decided to join Mafia. 😀 Eventually I killed the Godmother of the Family I joined.

Customization in BitLife Mod Apk

There is not much customization if you are looking in BitLife. The most customization you will get is buying accessories for your avatar, apart from that you can customize the face of the avatar. The face options, you get for customizations are eyes, hair, and face color. Moreover, you can choose facial hair from the preset with the color change option. As for the accessories you can buy hats and glasses only.


BitLife apk


Experience the Consequences of your Choices

We talked in length about the gameplay, I think I have covered everything that is there to be reviewed for our users. BitLife is a life simulation game with choices that determines your future. You could be pure good but turn out to be criminal. Or you can be pure evil and turn out to be a good person.

Graphics and Sound

First, I will talk about the sound, as there are elements of that in this game. As we start off our journey as an infant, our voice is of baby obviously. So, the sound of your character will change over the period of your life. Then there are some poo-ups with sound effects. That’s probably it for the sound part of the game.

As it is a text-based game. It does not come with heavy graphics or even low. You will be seeing some characters’ faces, and some icons and accessories. That’s about it! Nothing fancy will be there in the graphics division.


Moral of the game

As we mentioned before BitLife is a Life simulator game that assesses your decisions and sets the course of your future. You are wholly and solely responsible for your condition in the game. This game potentially can help you make the right decisions if you try to implement in real life.


BitLife- Life Simulator is an interesting text-based game or we can say interactive fiction, which no doubt many people will love. It has all the elements of good interactive fiction. But there are many elements missing. If Candywriter can add more images it will make the user experience far better. If you are tired of crushing candies you may want to tap the age button in-game. Stay tuned for more android games reviews and mods!

You can download BitLife from Google Playstore





Regular updates

Regular updates for the latest android version

For Android users, frequent updates are present on that will provide your devices with all the latest android versions of BitLife.

How to install?

Here are simple steps to follow

  • Download the modded game file from
  • Once your download is completed copy the downloaded mod file and paste it into your android phone. If you are downloading directly from the android phone, you may skip this and proceed to the next one.
  • Now go to the file manager of your phone and install the modded game. While installing it may ask you to check the “Unknown source” in security settings to proceed.

Now enjoy the game with unlocked All.




BitLife is a registered trademark of Candywriter, LLC. 


What are Simulation Games?

Simulation Games are genres of games that imitate the real world. these games are developed to teach you something in your real life.

What is BitLife?

It is a Simulator Game in which you live a life that you want in reality. But please don’t be hard on yourself, be cool and calm as it is just a game and enjoy it.

Is BitLife safe for kids?

Honestly speaking BitLife is not safe for kids as it contains much mature stuff. On the safe side, it is advisable to be beware if your kid wants to play this game.

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