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CarX Street MOD APK Introduction

There comes a time when we are randomly scrolling through YouTube videos and come across a cool game, such as CarX Street Mod apk,  trailer, and wonder when is this game going to come out is it going to be the same as in the trailer or is it just hype that all these big game companies create to keep the viewer on the edge of their seat. Remember NFS Underground? Ripping through the city streets to make it to the finish line and to see who makes it on top!

CarX Street is the game that promised and delivered what they were actually advertising


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Additional Information CarX street

App NameCarX street Mod Apk
GenreRacing, Street Racing
PublisherInfinite Mod Apk
Latest Version 0.9.2
DeveloperCarX Technologies, LLC
Mod Info Unlimited money
RequirementsAndroid 9+
Mod Apk FileCarX street Mod Apk
Google Play Store ApkCarX street



Mod Features
  • Unlimited Money

Story of CarX Street MOD APK

CarX started as a casual car drifting game which was very well received and people had a lot of fun playing it because it offered realistic physics and easy to understand controls that gave the player an amazing gaming experience without being too confusing.

Anatoly Scherbak the CEO had other plans he wanted to make a revolution in racing game simulators and wanted to push the boundary of car racing games. CarX Technologies made a part 2 of CarX Drift racing which was played and is being played by millions all around the world just like that they made:

  • CarX Highway Racing (50M+ Downloads)
  • CarX Rally (10M+ Downloads)
  • CarX Drift Racing 2 (10M+ Downloads)

There is no doubt that these are real game lovers and know how to deliver high quality games to the masses that will get very well received.

CarX Technologies is a Russian based company that has been delivering top-notch games that do not disappoint to impress and nowadays we see that the graphics and physics of racing games have become so realistic that gamers have to practice it day and night to get a good hand at it to make sure that score the highest!

This is the Street version offering realistic graphics and real life physics. Once it was on a racing track and now they have taken it to a serious level by getting it on the streets.

Note: Street racing in real life is dangerous and puts the lives of other people around in danger drive safely and always obey the laws of the road and don’t act over smart on the streets.

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In-game features of CarX Street MOD APK

Choose your favorite car from the wide car gallery given in the game to further maximize your experience. Hey! You cant drive your car without fuel, Can you? The game gives you the option to refill your fuel every time you run out

The refill feature is something you don’t get to see much nowadays in games. It adds realism to the gameplay and makes the whole experience more fun and addictive to play. Let’s not forget about your personal garage where you can select your favorite car and hit the streets in style.

The HUD provides:

  • Acceleration
  • Brake
  • Map
  • Nitrous Oxide
  • Headlight (High beam/ Low Beam)
  • Fuel Meter
  • Traction control

High-resolution graphics which is a must-have we have come to a time where graphic technology has improved so much that almost all games have realistic eye-candy graphics that pop and make the gameplay further fun

Online and Off-line gaming in CarX Street MOD APK

In case you are wondering is it possible to have that same fun offline as well so, my answer is yes! You can!

You can enjoy playing the game online and Off-line as well the developers of the game knew that not everyone is going to play this game online some just want to play it off-line and do whatever the game offers

Go download this awesome game and let it rip!

Different gaming experience

I have played many video games and racing games have always been my favorite ones and put a smile on my face.

From Need for Speed 1 to the latest that I was able to afford the sort of experience CarX Street is able to provide me there is no other game that was able to provide many gaming franchises have gone through many changes but CarX has always been that one game which has gone through changes but never slipped away from what they have been providing which is pure gaming experience combined with physics and realistic graphics that keep the gaming spirit alive.

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Realistic physics of CarX Street MOD APK

The only thing that makes a game stand out is the physics of how the car behaves when we are playing it. I have played a lot of games that have very good physics and it’s the only thing that truly makes it fun.

How the car is designed to be handled and how the car behaves at high speeds sometimes it puts the gamer in a challenge to test out his own gaming skills because realistic physics is not very common and people tend to shy away from it but I love and you will too because it just uplifts your whole gaming to a next level.

I remember once I played NFS SHIFT2 and man oh man it was one hard game to play the car would sometimes understeer and sometimes oversteer and it was a challenge to really play that game it was intense and not everyone job to hit the fastest lap. CarX provides a similar experience with realistic graphics and physics it is definitely a treat to play and Millions of people have downloaded this game and are already having a lot of joy playing with their friends and family

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Variety of awesome Exotic Cars

I have noticed something very interesting about the game.

The cars you drive are like real cars but not actually real, Confused? Let me explain, to have real-life cars in a game you first have to buy a license from the company and that can be a bit hard. In CarX Street they have made these very cool realistic replicas that resemble the likes of Ferrari, Mercedes Benz, Mitsubishi Etc.

Sometimes the companies are not keen to grant the license because they don’t wanna see you hitting the cars in the game and let the physics of the game damage it in a certain way it hurts their reputation as a brand. I don’t know but, the replicas in their own way are pretty cool and fun to drive

The one car that got me excited was the Enzo Ferrari it is my favorite car and I can bet its your favorite car too. Perhaps, it’s the fastest car in the game and it must handle like a dream. A very good center of gravity, 0 to 60 in less than 3 secs is no doubt a very awesome experience to be had in CarX Street MOD APK. Not just this the game has Japanese tuners and Italian bulls as well yeah I’m talking about the Mitsubishi Lancer Replica and Lamborghini Veneno Replica

Do you know that Veneno is a very rare supercar that is worth millions of dollars and you can drive it in this game only if you pay enough dollars in the game to lets just get one thing out of the way nothing is free in life and nothing is free in this game also but making money is so easy just win some races and the games provides you enough money to buy any car you want!

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No Ads

Now, how about that? We know you gamers need a seamless and smooth gaming experience and want to enjoy your game with no distractions at all. On that note, this MOD has no ads and you can enjoy your gaming without any distractions not only this! let me remind you that this MOD has unlimited money now buy that Enzo Ferrari and hit the fastest lap possible because there are no ads and a whole lot of money to keep spending and make your gaming one hell of a joy ride!

Hot Pursuit Aka Cops

A street racing game is not complete without cops the hot pursuit thrill is an all-time classic and everyone enjoys that the story of a thief and the law-abiding police trying their best to run away after each other is timeless and it’s long time old tradition in racing games

Yes, you heard right! Traditions in racing games a lot of racing games with police were coming out in the early 2000s and companies slowly changed their interests with respect to the public demand no doubt that police chases are very entertaining but a story line and career mode really made racing games much interesting a very good example of that is NFS MW(Most wanted) where there was a very good storyline and a group of young adults with expensive toys trying to run away from cops

Moral of the game

Why do we play video games just for fun? Yes, that’s right! But we also learn a lot of things like what if you were driving that fast in real life and ended up crashing the car at that point who is to blame the game or you?

I love cars and so do you but one to keep in mind is that these cars are for entertainment and thinking to drive that fast and drifting in real life can lead to serious problems.


Racing games teach you that fast cars and lap times are all for the race track and not the public streets because it is straight-up very dangerous. In a nutshell, I think the game is quite fun to play and won’t let you die of boredom. The graphics and sounds are fine as well, personally, I didn’t like the graphics, probably it could be due to my low-end device. If you do not get annoyed by the same song over and over again music is really good. But I would recommend turning it off. Overall the game is fine to kill some time.

If you want to play CarX Street you may download it from the link provided: Google Playstore Apk

Regular Updates

Regular updates for Android updates:

For Android users, frequent updates are present on which will provide your devices with all the latest Android versions of CarX Street MOD APK


How to download and install?

Here are simple steps to follow:

  • Download the modded game file from the link provided below
  • Once your download is completed copy the downloaded mod file and paste it into your Android phone
  • If you are downloading directly from an Android phone, you may skip this and proceed to the next one.
  • While installing it may ask you to check the Unknown Source in security settings to proceed

Now enjoy the game with unlimited money and all the cool cars you can drive

CarX Street is a registered trademark of CarX Technologies

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