Alight Motion Mod Apk v4.0.5 | Premium Membership, No Watermarks | 2022

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Alight Motion Mod Apk Introduction

Alight Motion Mod Apk is a full-stack motion graphics editing software for your android devices. You must be wondering how to use or you must be thinking if you can download alight motion with membership apk? I know you have so many questions few of which are mentioned earlier and some other than those. Today I will be reviewing this amazing video editing, photo editing, motion graphics, or rather say motion design app. This app, alight motion, lets you even draw vector art for your motion graphics. This app makes you become part of graphics in movement any place any time. I will be answering your question regarding how to use alight motion and what does it do? And can alight motion be downloaded pc? Stay tuned and get all the answers in this blog post, Let’s Start!


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Additional Information Alight Motion

App NameAlight Motion Mod Apk
GenreVideo Players and Editors
PublisherInfinite Mod Apk
Current Version4.0.5
DeveloperAlight Creative, Inc.
Mod InfoPremium Subscription
No Ads,
No Watermarks on your projects
RequirementAndroid 6.0+
Size72 MB
Mod Apk FileAlight Motion Mod Apk
Google Playstore LinkAlight Motion


Mod Features
  • Premium Subscription
  • No Ads
  • No Watermarks on your projects





premium membership



Alight Motion apk Description & Review

To begin with, Alight motion pro apk is an app for android and iOS. It is an application that allows its users to do editing for their videos, images, and even art. You can create a small anime project in alight motion, it is a kind of baby version of Adobe After Effects but on steroids 😀 It was developed by Alight Motion Incorporation and was released worldwide in 2018. This app is all about graphics in movement, or you can say motion graphics. Ever heard of that? They call it professional motion design which lets you do stuff like, create quality animation, video editing, visual effects, video composting, and obviously motion graphics. Moreover, it will let you draw vector objects, cool right? Moving on, you can work on multiple layers as well. I know you must be thinking, am I talking about Alight motion or Adobe

Premium features of Alight Motion Mod Apk

You wanted it and we are giving it to you, yes you can download the alight motion pro apk with premium membership from In other words, alight motion for free and without watermarks, more on this later. 😊 Moving on, what is alight motion premium membership, you ask. Well, my friend

Alight motion pro is an app that has a premium membership. You can download it from Google Play for free but then you have to pay monthly, quarterly or yearly fees for their members to use some premium features. As I mentioned earlier you can download alight motion for free from our website, and you will get the pro version or you can say premium version.


align motion without watermarks


Keyframe Animation

One of the features of the alight motion mod apk is keyframe animation. You must be wondering what is keyframe animation? Well, my friend, this allows you to bring your creation to life. Now you might be thinking what does that mean? Let me tell you, keyframe animation allows you to animate any element or property of your project and you can make it life-like.  You can animate anything you want; you can even draw complex vector art in the alight motion.

Camera Control

When we talk about creating an animation or video editing, as a matter of fact when we say motion graphics it is inevitable that you have to use the perspective. That perspective is a camera and what good is that app that does not allow you to control the camera. This feature allows you to create and animate cameras so that you can create a dynamic scene.





Powerful Composting

Alight motion-free pro is capable of powerful composting that you can imagine. You can not just add images into your project but you can add videos, art, vector art that you can create in-app. The potential of creating a cohesive image or animation or as a matter of fact a video is immense with this feature of alight motion.

Video, Text, Image, and Graphics

As I mentioned in powerful composting that you can add any media into a single project. May it be video, text, image, or any sort of graphic you create or import. Alight Motion is built with immense power that it can add such things in a single project, the only constraint is your imagination 😉 you have to be creative to make something that is different from others. Moreover, you can add many other elements such as shapes and stuff to make your animation more fun.

150+ Visual Effects

Whenever we talk about any software, application, or app that is developed for the purpose of editing. Editing may be for video or images; one has to ask if there are any visual effects in this app? Well, my friend and dear readers yes there are more than 150 visual effects in the Alight motion mod apk free download. Now I know you must be thinking what are those visual effects? Well, to name a few, here is the list:

  • Chroma Key
  • Direction Blur
  • Displacement Map

Moreover, down below is the list of Major heads for effects, you can more than 150 visual effects in these categories listed below:

  • Color and Light
  • Drawing and Edge
  • Blur
  • Distortion/Warp
  • Procedural
  • 3D
  • Move/Transform
  • Repeat
  • Matte/mask/Key
  • Opacity/Visibility
  • Text
  • Other

Now download the app and start exploring all the above-mentioned categories for the visual effects. Moreover, unleash your creativity and see what you can create in this powerful app for android devices.





No Watermarks, Download Alight Motion without watermarks

You and I both know that when we want an app for an android device for free, subconsciously we think that there won’t be any watermark. But unfortunately, that does not happen. Downloading from the google play store free version of alight motion has the watermarks on every project you create. But, with our mod apk app file, you can download that for free and the best part is there are no watermarks. Yes, I kid you not! You can create any animation, using keyframe animation, controlling the camera, using all the visual effects you can get hands-on. And at the end of the day, there are no watermarks with our mod file. So, download now and enjoy the latest version of alight motion pro apk for free.

No Annoying Ads

Nowadays every app developer adds ads into their newly developed app for android devices or iOS devices. That is one of the major sources of revenue for the developers. But with the mod version of the alight motion, you do not have to worry about these annoying ads. Yes, you can create your projects, animations, video collages, or any other motion graphics project in alight motion with ease of mind. Knowing that there are no ads that are going to pop up every now and then. I feel for you guys who are continuously clicking cross after 5 or 10 seconds of the short video ad. Download now and you can save those hundred of minutes in ads and spend that precious time in your video animation.

How to Use Alight Motion?

This is the part where I say bye to guys 😀 just kidding! Why am I here? To give you an honest review of the app, yea. The day you people think that I am biased let me know! The question of how to use alight motion is quite difficult to answer in such a short article. But I will try to give you a crash course of almost 300 words. 😊 or even less than that 😀 So, it all starts with a button in this app that has a Plus ‘+’ sign on it. All you have to do is tap that plus sign. Moving on, a window will appear with two headings Project and Element. You can see there is many aspects ratios options in this app from 16:9 to custom ratio.

Moreover, alight motion supports 1080 FHD resolution. Moving on next option is the frame rate which is 60fps. Lastly, you can choose the background. Once you are done with your project settings, you can start working on it. The next screen will show you a timeline right beneath the video player. The right bottom corner has another plus sign that you need to tap in order to open all the options for editing, adding assets, or importing any media, audio, objects, elements. Not just that, you can use this menu to do the freehand drawing, create complex vector drawings and even add text.

Now that you know the basic menu, you can start messing with this app so that you can learn it. I am no professional user of this app nor am I doing affiliate for this app. I am here to provide you guys with free premium memberships and mod apk for the apps that you cannot afford to buy.





Can alight motion be downloaded pc?

Hmmmm, Well the answer to this question is not straight as yes or no. It’s quite tricky to download alight motion on pc. But the answer to this question is yes you can download alight motion on your pc with the help of any android emulator. I do recommend bluestacks but keep in mind it is quite heavy software and it might slow your pc down. And it is not for the light-hearted pc to download bluestacks 😀 So download at your own risk. I and we,, shall not be responsible for any wear and tear that might occur to your device. 😊 That being said, you can download the alight motion mod apk and install it on bluestacks emulator, and wola you downloaded it on Pc.


alight moiton


Conclusion for Alight Motion Mod Apk

With so much power and options at your disposal, all you have to do is unleash your creativity and create unique and awesome stuff on the alight motion mod apk. That being said, you have plenty of options in this motion graphics design app for android. You get more than 150 visuals, and powerful editing options for videos, images, and animations. I tried this app for a day only, I think some creative people and mostly those who are into animation, video editing, and composting will love this app. As I am more of an adobe photoshop guy because I usually create graphics and do image editing and manipulation. I would say it is for someone who is not a newbie or beginner as this app has so many options that can overwhelm the new users.

If you like to try Google Play Store Apk Click.



Regular updates

Regular updates for the latest Android Version

For Android users, frequent updates are present on that will provide your devices with all the latest android versions of the Alight Motion mod apk application.

How to install Alight Motion?

Here are simple steps to follow

  1. Download mod apk game file from InfiniteModApk
  2. Once your mod apk file download is completed copy the downloaded mod apk file and paste it into your android phone.
  3. If you are downloading directly from the android phone, you may skip this and proceed to the next one.
  4. Now go to the file manager of your phone and install the download mod apk game file.
  5. While installing it may ask you to check the “Unknown source” in security settings to proceed.


Alight Motion is a registered trademark of Alight Creative, Inc.



Where to download Alight motion mod apk?

Where to download alight motion mod is a question we see a lot from the public. The answer to this question is you can download the alight motion pro from All you have to do is click or tap the search icon and type in the Alight motion.

How to download Alight Motion on PC?

How to download alight motion on pc is a very common question. All you have to do is download the emulator and alight motion. Once the emulator is downloaded install that and afterward install the app. You can now create fun projects in the alight motion pro apk on PC.



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