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Gacha Neon apk Introduction

Gacha neon apk is one of the most customizable games I have played so far. It comes with a lot of goodies that are used to customize your part, or you can say the team. Once you start the game you will be overwhelmed with so many options that you possibly would not understand what to do with this game. But don’t you worry my dear blog posts readers. I will tell you all about the Gacha neon game. where to get gacha neon? How to get gacha neon? is gacha neon safe to download? Is gacha neon on android? I will be answering all these questions. Moreover, I will be providing you an in-depth review of the game.

gacha club mod neon apk

Additional Information Gacha Club - Gacha Neon

App NameGacha neon apk
GenreCasual and Role Playing
PublisherInfinite Mod Apk
Latest Version 1.1.0
Mod Info Unlimited Money and Diamonds
RequirementsAndroid 4+
Size161 MB
Mod Apk FileGacha Neon Apk
Google Play Store ApkGacha Club
Mod Features
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Diamonds






gacha neon mod unlimited money and diamonds


Story of Ultimate Gacha Neon apk

I know you guys love to create your avatar and have been searching for a game where you could spend time customizing the avatar and also play games. Gacha neon has all the elements of the search you are looking for in the game. You get to spend hours and create a perfect avatar for your main character. Moreover, you can also spend time creating a team portrait and showing off. You can put all the fancy stuff, from pets to objects. I will discuss customization in a moment. Moving on, You also get to play the game, the story mode, and also mini-games which are fun. Along with that, you get to have unlimited money and diamonds with our mod.

It’s a turn-based RPG game. Where you will be collecting heroes or rather say DJs. There are like six elements in-game. Every element has its own unique DJ with powers. There is an individual power and buff along with that there is also a team buff. Let’s begin with the game types it has. Foremost is the story mode you can play to get experience, money, and diamonds. Then there are battles which you would be playing against bots earlier. I am sure you can play PVP also but you have to dig further to this thing. Moreover, you can also play mini games that I will discuss in mini games section below.

Unique and interesting features of Gacha Neon apk

Addictive Gameplay for Gacha Neon apk

Let’s start off with the gameplay of the game. Gacha neon hack mod gives you unlimited money and diamonds. Now what you have to do is play it. As I mentioned it’s a turn-based RPG. You would be playing with seven DJs or you can call them heroes. Every hero is unique when it comes to aesthetics of the hero. They all have different powers that you can use in the game. In order to use the power of the hero you need to first collect MP; it is a bar on your bottom left side of the HUD of the game. Once the MP meter or bar raises above a certain level you can use some hero’s powers. Some heroes’ ultimate power requires 20 MP while others require 30 or more.

Now that you know what MP is you must be eager to use your ultimates and check out the effects of every hero in the game. Well dear readers there are hundreds of heroes you need to play in order to see the ultimate power effects. Some of the ultimate power effects I will explain later in the graphics section. But keep in mind many heroes share the same effects, and I think it’s fine when it comes to games like these. The classic RPG turn-based game is always fun for many people. Moving on, the gameplay is old school attack on enemies turn-wise. As our turn is finished the enemy lay assault on us.

Moreover, if you get bored of this gameplay there are three mini games that can help you in your dire boredom. One of the three games is a memory game, which I personally like to play, where you will see the cards and then match the cards. In gacha neon, you would obviously be seeing the heroes of the game on the cards. So, you need to match with the right one, after four-five levels it gets really hard. Rest of the mini games you can check by yourself and download now the mod apk version of the game from the button below.

Gacha Neon mod unlimited money and diamonds

Hey, you need a game where you can have unlimited money and diamonds with more than a hundred players to choose from and spend money on them. Leveling them higher and higher. Well, InfiniteModApk is presenting you Gacha neon where you have all the things you desire. Unlimited money and diamonds to play gacha pulls and get drops of loads of rare goodies so that you can break the max cap of the player. All you have to do is download the mod apk game from the button above or below. You can get all that you want.





Turn Based Mechanism

For crying out loud I have told you like the zillionth time that it’s a turn-based RPG. Why do I have to repeat myself? I guess it’s the algorithm that makes me do this. It’s not my fault. Honestly, I tried my best not to repeat this again and over again. Well, what can I say Gacha neon is based on a turn base mechanism? I do not like this mechanism personally, but there are thousands of people if not a hundred thousand who love to play these mechanism games. You will enjoy this game a lot if it’s not the gameplay you love, then surely you will love customization.

Mini Games

As you start playing Gacha Neon apk you will eventually get bored of the main story or story mode. Then you will turn to the mini games. As I mentioned in previous sections of this blog post you can play three mini games. One of which is a memory card game where you will get a glance at the deck of cards. Initially, you will start with six cards, that is three pairs. But as you play along it starts getting difficult to glance at all the cards. On top of that, you have three chances to finish the deck. Which was hard for me to handle when there were twelve cards.

Customization of heroes in the game

Let’s begin with the most important part of the gacha neon apk, and you guessed it right it’s the customization of your team leader DJ. My character is Commander Fierin, the anti-hero. Sounds like Deadpool. Ah, the Deadpool the love \^_^/. Well, I never expected that Ryan Reynolds could play such a great Deadpool. Oh, I got off from the customization, dang you Deadpool. Well, the thing is you have so many options when it comes to customization of your team leader. Just to give you a taste of what you will be seeing on screen when you will play this game. For starters, when you will start the customization, you would see your character on the left side and options on the right side box.



gacha neon unlimited customization



In gacha club customization tablet you will have nine buttons to play with. I wouldn’t count the ninth button as it is of your profile. Still, you get to customize with eight buttons. Now let’s see what these buttons do. First on the list is Presets, as the name says it all. Here you would have the premade avatars for your main character. You can further customize that hero at your own will. Moving on, the second icon you would see would be of body. As the name suggests you would be changing torso dimensions and shaping the body. The third icon is of the head where you would be spending some time creating a unique hairstyle. Then comes the clothes icon. Next to the clothes, you would see props. The props would consume your time most, at least I spent quite a lot of time there.

Moving further to the right to the props icon you would see the icon of chat. The next icon is of a pet and to its right-hand side is the objects icon lastly you would see the profile button. Now you have to explore all these for yourself by playing the game.

No Ads

With our mod apk game version of the game, you do not have to worry about the ads. Because we are well aware of you guys and your need not to watch a single ad. So, what are you waiting for? Hit that red big button that says Download APK and get started.





Visuals and Sounds

Graphics of the Gacha Neon Game unlimited money and diamonds

So, the checklist for the blog post. Bear with me, Introduction of the game check. Story of the game check. Unique and interesting features of the game check. Lastly Graphics and sound I will be discussing now. So, I think it’s a check. 😊 Starting off with the graphics of the game I would say they are not that good. For kids maybe. It’s a low graphics game I would not say pixelated but better than that and lower than normal graphics. It’s a turn-based game so you get to see the cards or the avatars of the team you built. Details of avatars id good if we check their profile. But when it comes to combat eeehhhh.

Even though the avatar graphics in the battle are fine to see in contrast to that the enemies look crap. I wouldn’t say the graphics are top-notch, but it sucks. Probably they wanted cartoony graphics or you can say anime style graphics. Nonetheless, graphics part gacha neon mod unlimited money and diamond sucks.

Sound of the game

Ah, the sounds of the gacha neon. The game is targeting teenagers I presume or young adults. The music to the game is nice to hear as I always mention in every blog post I do not listen to music in games. Whenever I install any game first thing I do is go to the settings and turn off the music of the game completely and lower the volume of the sound effects. And Gacha Neon is no exception to that. But for my reader’s sake, I do provide the experience I had when I listened to the music of the game.

Well, here is my experience, it was nice. Classic old fighting game with background music of mayhem. Love the sound of it. 😊

Moral of the game

Hmmm, this one is tough. I have written dozens of blog post articles but this game gave me no reason to provide something this game potentially could teach the kids. Let’s recap what this game is all about, it’s a Turn-Based RPG you can’t learn anything here, moving on there is nothing special in-game except customization. Well, I got one, this game potentially, or rather says probably can help in making synergy effect from the choices you have. Like when you are building your team in-game you would be creating team buffs. That only happens if you choose carefully what elements of power you need to have.


gacha neon apk pets





So, it’s time we give our verdict. Well, overall, the game is great to play. The customization part of the game is really great. It might be overwhelming at the start but once you get hold of it it’s quite easy to understand. Then the gameplay is quite addictive itself on top of that the mini games are a very good way to kill your boredom. Good game medium graphics is all you need to kill some hours. With this let us move on to the next blog posts stay tuned. Bye!

If you want to play Google Play Store Apk <—— Click here


where to get gacha neon?

You can download Gacha neon from the google play store apk or if you want to enjoy unlimited money and diamonds coupons you can get the gacha mod on

How to get gacha neon?

You can get gacha neon by clicking any of the Download apk buttons above.

Is gacha neon safe to download?

Yes, completely safe. Gacha neon from our website is completely safe to download.

Is gacha neon on android?

Yes! You can download the android version from the Google play store apk the link is in the conclusion section above.

Regular updates

Regular updates for the latest android version

For Android users, frequent updates are present on that will provide your devices with all the latest android versions of Gacha Neon.


How to install mod apk?

Here are simple steps to follow

  1. Download the mod apk game file from the button above
  2. Once your download is completed copy the downloaded mod file and paste it into your android phone.
  3. If you are downloading directly from the android phone, you may skip this and proceed to the next one.
  4. Now go to the file manager of your phone and install the modded game.
  5. While installing it may ask you to check the “Unknown source” in security settings to proceed.

Now enjoy the game with unlimited money and diamonds.

Gacha Neon is a registered trademark of Lunime. 

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