Shadow Fight 3 Mod Apk v1.28.2 | Dumb Enemy, Perfect Match | 2022

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Shadow Fight 3 mod apk (SF3)

Ever since I played Shadow Fight 2 mod apk, link below, I became a fan of this game franchise. So today I am writing a blog post on Shadow Fight 3 mod apk for you guys. I know you guys will love this game as you loved the previous one a lot. Shadow fight 3 promo codes are also available but I will write on it later in another blog post. Today I will be kicking some computer bot butts in shadow fight 3 with lethal weapons and unique mythic armor. I will thoroughly go through this game. From its fighting styles to the customization in shadow fight 3. I will be providing you with a detailed review of this game along the way with some tips and tricks. Moreover, will be answering your question about how to get unlimited gems in shadow fight 3. Let’s begin!


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Additional Information Shadow Fight 3

App NameShadow Fight 3 Mod Apk
PublisherInfinite Mod Apk
Current Version1.28.2
Mod InfoDumb Enemy
Every Match Perfect
RequirementsAndroid 4.4+
Size256 MB
Mod Apk FileShadow Fight 3 Mod Apk
Google Playstore LinkShadow Fight 3

Mod Features

  • Dumb Enemy
  • Every Match Perfect



Game Story of Shadow fight 3 games (SF3)

Shadow fight 3 mod apk is the third game or you can say part of the epic game series called Shadow Fight. The shadow fight 3 games were developed by the same developers who brought you guys’ shadow fight and shadow fight 2 games, Nekki studios. You will be playing different factions’ roles in this game which you never played in this series before. Moreover, you will learn three different fighting styles and customize your own style also, more on this later. This game is downloaded more than a hundred million on the google play store alone. Moreover, it has almost four million reviews as well. When you see such stats, it makes you wonder how good this game would be. Let’s check this out today!

Game Features of Shadow Fight 3 Mod Apk (SF3)

Play Online and Offline

One of the game features I loved about the shadow fight 3 mod apk was we can play games online and offline. As it is an online RPG action fighting game you can expect online duels in this game. Moreover, you can also play this game offline as well. You can continue the story mode, yes there is a story mode in this game, offline. When you want to play online you can do duels online with other players. Fair warning though, playing online might get your id banned. Moreover, you might need to upgrade which won’t let you play games even if you turn off your wifi. Keep these in mind!

Shadow Fight 3 mod apk (SF3) Addictive Gameplay

When you compare shadow fight 2 mod apk (SF2) unlimited money, diamonds, and gems with shadow fight 3 mod apk (SF3) unlimited money, diamonds, and gems you can clearly feel the difference. In every aspect of gameplay. Both have a different style of gameplay. Once you were playing as a shadow silhouette, whereas now you are playing a 3d real human character. SF2 had 2d graphics which are still one of my favorites. But when we see Shadow fight 3 graphics these are as amazing as SF2. Shadow Fight 3 (SF3) has 3d colorful graphics with vibrance all over it. The physics of the game has changed as well. While playing SF2 sometimes we could miss an attack, usually, it passes through your opponent even if you guys were literally hugging each other 😀

In shadow fight 3 (SF3) due to graphics perhaps they adjusted that issue now you won’t miss any attach in a fight. Moreover, there is a wide range of lethal weapons in SF3 compared to SF2. Moving on, as mentioned earlier there are duels with other real players that you can defeat with our mod dumb enemy your enemy won’t be attacking you. Fair warning, defeating enemies with a mod feature will take some time to kill or even deal damage. As the game mechanism is if you do not attack the opponent’s attack will be blocked automatically.  The best way to win is to use grab as much as you can. Along with the grab move, you can use shadow ability which can deal damage even if the enemy is blocking. That said, there are standard shadow abilities with common, rare weapons and unique abilities with epic and legendary.



How to get unlimited gems in shadow fight 3 (SF3)?

The easiest way to get unlimited money, diamonds, and gems is to download the mod apk game file from a trusted source, like We provide you guys with the latest mod apk games of all genres. Genres which we currently are providing are Action games, Simulation, Racing, Endless Running, Adventure, Arcade, Shooting, MOBA, and many more. If you are tired of finding unlimited money, diamonds, and gems for your favorite game, look no further. If you can’t find any game let us know in the contact us section on the top menu. We will surely find something of it!


Yes, Nekki gave you guys a customization option in the shadow fight 3 OBB file (SF3) as well. That said, the customization part of this game is more diverse than its predecessors. By now you know that you are not going to play as a shadow silhouette, like in previous games. So, from the start of the game, you have to choose the face type, Hairstyle, and color. Initially, that would suffice the need for customization as you are starting off as a newbie. You will be messing with noob bots, like openAI(passive). 😀 if you get what I mean. Moving on, once you start to play the game you will get to customize your character with lethal weapons of each faction in the game. Moreover, you will be equipping yourself with the mythic unique armors and even abilities for these.

As mentioned earlier there are three factions in this game, each and every one of the factions has its own lethal weapons and mythic unique armor. The lethal weapons and the unique armor have tiers. Like there are common weapons that have less damage and then there are rare ones, next in line is legendary ones. More on weapons later. So, there are helm, unique armor, lethal weapon to choose from, and lastly, there is a ranged weapon. Some weapons or equipment need a certain level of equipment.

The faction of Shadow fight 3 (SF3) game

Legion Faction

You start your game journey of shadow fight 3 SF3 OBB file with the legion faction. This faction simply does not like shadow energy at all. Even they adapted to use the shadow energy for themselves but they hate it. This faction was formed by Shadow, once a hero who turned himself to his anger and hatred for the Shadow mind. This faction gradually adapts to shadow energy so that it can destroy the shadow mind and shadow energy.

Dynasty Faction

Dynasty is one of three clans in shadow fight 3, SF3. They are agile and elegant warriors who are always at their best stance. They use lightweight lethal weapons for the fights as these keep them agile while fighting. Unlike, Legion who uses heavy weaponry for the fights. Dynasty unlike legions does not hate the shadow energy, but rather harnesses it and uses the energy where it is needed.

Heralds Faction

Heralds are one of those factions that is a technologically advanced nation among the three. They live under an invisible dome somewhere where only heralds can find and look through the illusions that are present outside the dome. Heralds is one faction that knows most about shadow energy most.



Graphics and Music of the game

Graphics of Shadow fight 3 mod apk

Well, I have discussed some of the aspects above in the gameplay section of this blog post. The graphics of the game is really nice. When we compare SF2 and SF3 both games had their own unique graphics style. Shadow fight 2 mod apk is the first one that had 2d amazing graphics for its users. Whereas in shadow fight 3 SF3, has 3d graphics and colors all over the place. The characters look really nice and the detailing of armors and weapons looks nice. Moving on to the background.

Moral of the game

Well, this is a fighting action game where you can only learn courage. As double face said in some movies, you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a villain. This is what happened to the beloved hero Shadow that turned villain because he could not accept.



Nowadays Shadow fight 3 SF3 is now my fav game. You get to customize your character, with weapons, armors, and shadow abilities that can be used to upgrade. SF3 comes with all the features that make the game fun and addictive. Moreover, there is a story mode where you get to play all factions. You started off with the legion faction and play through other factions.

Download its Google Play Store Apk version<—— Click Here



Regular updates

Regular updates for the latest android version

For Android users, frequent updates are present on that will provide your devices with all the latest android versions of Shadow Fight 3.


How to install?

Here are simple steps to follow

  1. Download the mod apk game file from our site Infinite Mod Apk
  2. Once your mod apk download is completed copy the downloaded mod apk file and paste it into your android phone.
  3. If you are downloading directly from the android phone, you may skip this and proceed to the next one.
  4. Now go to the file manager of your phone and install the mod apk game file.
  5. While installing the mod apk game file the popup may ask you to check the “Unknown source” in security settings to proceed.

Now enjoy the game with Unlimited Money and Diamonds Gems and Max Level.


Shadow Fight 3 is a registered trademark of Nekki. 


Is it possible to hack shadow fight 3?

Absolutely Yes, it is possible. Cheats, Hacks, or Modded Apk versions are available to speed up the game or provide you with unlimited money and much more.

Is Shadow Fight 3 good for your kids?

This is a battle simulation game. Players choose different weapons to fight but only shadows are seen, no blood or something like that. But your child will be exposed to cartoon violence. We suggest that parents should supervise them while playing these types of games and also watch their day-to-day behavior.


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